Amon Tobin presents Two Fingers

Two Fingers began modestly as Amon Tobin's dedicated outlet for heavy
bass music way back in the early 2000's. Since then it has gained its own
gravitational pull with two full length albums on Ninja Tune, legendary DJ sets
across the globe and tracks which have rightfully earned their status as bona
fide classics.
Fools, Sweden, Saint, and Stripe Rhythms... the list goes on and this
consistency from such innocuous beginnings, lurches forward into something
entirely unanticipated.
From the sweaty clubs it was intended for, to features in blockbuster movies
and video games, to global ad campaigns for major brands, Two Fingers
appears to stride effortlessly between commercial appeal and uncompromised
Two Fingers influence amongst entire genres that have developed in its wake
cannot be understated. The template that saw drum n' bass production
applied to hip hop burned a hole right through EDM to the other side, before
EDM was even a thing.
And here it remains.
Totemic to its derivatives and unapologetic to the genres from which it was
derived, Two Fingers strides forward. Always.
There will be more Two Fingers releases through 2019, on Nomark Records



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