Birdy Bardot

Dance and sway to a soundscape characterized as “garage psych, haunted lullabies, and California soul.” From Ocean Beach, vocalist Birdy Bardot draws inspiration from vintage 60’s rock band aesthetics and sprinkles colorful percussive and synthesized sounds.

Taken by Canadians

After forming in 2012 around the roaring transparency of Ambrosini’s songwriting, the group quickly gained major regional attention, including regular airplay at 91X FM. With three albums under their belt and the wind at their backs, Taken By Canadians are leading a new era of California Rock & Roll, one that is flagrantly honest, elegantly melodic, blissfully contrary and loud as all hell. Because classic rock wouldn’t sound classic if it were made today and Taken By Canadians ain’t singing about yesterday.

Playing music since 1985, living with Bipolar 1 Disorder since 2008, traveling to educate on on mental illness, and tying it all together in her unreleased memoir, Open Book, Veronica May's purpose is to spread her messages of compassion, understanding, hope, triumph and the importance of trial. Her music and illustrations depicting mental illness awaken the mind, stir the heart, and open the eyes to the wild world of thought and perception.

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