smrtdeath, LIL LOTUS and guccihighwaters - After Life Tour w/ David Frederick, Yung Kell


SMRTDEATH (sethany, lil death) is a singer/vocalist hailing from Winnipeg, MB. Drawing as much influence from Future & Lil Wayne as Sum 41 & Taking Back Sunday, SMRTDEATH blends together melodies more likely to be found in your favourite pop punk or emo throwbacks with flows and cadences rivalling your favourite contemporary rappers. In his first year of releasing music, smrtdeath has gained a large and loyal following all over the world. His live performances are known for their mesmerizing energy and unmatched intensity. SMRTDEATH is at the forefront of an emerging new sound in an increasingly genre-blended landscape. Whether making you cry, dance, or both at the same time, 2018 promises to be a year that SMRTDEATH becomes a name you constantly ask your friends how they pronounce.


guccihighwaters relocated from Ireland to Long Beach, NY when he was fifteen. His isolated beginnings gave him his work ethic and laid the groundwork for his succinct home recording process, but that start is just a blip on the 20-year old artist’s radar. Since starting up a year ago, his tracks have reached millions of plays with nearly 700,000 monthly Spotify listeners. with an eager and vibrant fan community adding to his brief, but prolific beginning with homemade YouTube videos. guccihighwaters’ buzz seemed to suddenly arrive and instantly connect—and it’s one worth focusing on.

His tracks start with a simple idea — a guitar phrase, a piano chord – and the lyrics serve as the scaffolding, holding up what he’s built. A hazy confidence permeates his ebb and flow, injecting his production choices with tenacious storytelling. Take “crutch” and “my way,” two opposites of the same storytelling coin. The former features warbling piano and seesawing vocal production as a backdrop to blunt relationship woes. The latter is the aftermath—where that pain takes a backseat to passion. guccihighwaters’ delivery has the posture of someone transformed by their own ambition, with twinkling keyboards matching this shift in perspective. Yet, both heartbreak and the hustle are experienced with the confusion that comes with getting older. “these days” blends these two moods – the mournful and the massive – heightening the drama beyond any growing pains.

Inspired by hip-hop grooves and SoundCloud rap’s divergence from traditional structure, guccihighwaters strikes a hard division between his two influences, delivering tracks that are at once bold and intimately familiar.

David Frederick

David Frederick is a 22-year-old hip-hop artist from Denver, CO. His music is quickly breaking ground while David influences listeners with a contentious, gritty sound that captivates audiences with its powerful energy and addicting ambiance. Leading up to the September 2017 release of his free EP "Drunk Love & Designer Drugs," David toured the American West and Midwest; performing live in 7 states and 15 different cities. He continues to break the implicit boundaries of being an independent artist by consistently exceeding the stifling status quo set by commercial record labels. With a growing, loyal fan base and an inspiring work ethic, David Frederick is an artist to watch as he proceeds to deliver quality, original music throughout 2018.

Yung Kell

Hip Hop Artist from Denver, CO

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