SQ/35 (aka THE SQUIRRELS' 35th Anniversary Show!)


Founded in 1984 by Rob "Capt." Morgan (Poplust Magazine publisher & former vocalist for Seattle's bubble-punk legends THE PUDZ), The Squirrels are a highly theatrical & comedic outfit that can best be described as a semi-surrealistic bubble gum rock & roll musical comedy workshop. Sort of. Either that, or you could just compare them to an AM/FM radio from another dimension that's gone totally out of control (sort of like a cross between a '70s High School dance band from Hell & a low-rent version of The Mothers). Again, sort of.

Perhaps it's supposed to be "ART" or something. Maybe, as one ex-member-who-shall-go-nameless so candidly put it 'back in the day', the whole thing is basically just "a men's club with instruments". With, like, bubbles & stuff. In the end, the truth is that it's really sort of pointless to try & explain, analyze or pigeonhole what The Squirrels do at all. It is what it is, and BOY, what an "IS" it is am be ARE.

$10 advance / $15 day of show

Off Sale

That's right, people. This insanity has been going on for three and a half decades now. Crazy, indeed. Come help Seattle's Musical Merry Pranksters celebrate with the  MOTHER of all Squirrels shows, featuring the current line up of Rob Morgan, Joey Kline, Jimmy Thomas, Bruce Laven, Keith Lowe, Bill Ray and Mary K, joined by returning alumni and special guests including Hollis The Bug, Mark Nichols, Matt Fox, Dave Guinn, Aaron Taylor, Lisa Ratchett, The Giant Squirrel, Amy Denio, Juliana Brandon and a host of others yet TBA, plus a special guest appearance by ROY A. LONEY of the Flamin Groovies!!!  ANYTHING could happen at this point! This is gonna freakin' ROOL. Trust us. 😉 

More info on The Squirrels:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Squirrels

Oh yeah, opening the show will be the fabulous ZOOMA BELLA TRIO, feat. Joey, Bruce and Cathy Sorbo. They're SNAZZY!

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