Having formed in the unlikely musical breeding ground of Dayton, Ohio in 2001, Hawthorne Heights learned early on that adaptation and diligence were the keys in the development of a successful career. Playing relentlessly from the start on self-booked tours across the country gave them some initial national exposure. But it wasn't until they signed to Victory Records in late 2003 that Hawthorne Heights became the face of a whole new generation of music fans.

As one of the first bands to utilize social networking to gain a fan base, Hawthorne Heights developed a huge MySpace following which became a catalyst that would launch them from underground heroes to international superstars. Their signature hit Ohio Is For Lovers the anthem for the new wave of "emo", their debut album The Silence In Black And White soon went Gold. With their second album If Only You Were Lonely, the band scored Victory Records' biggest ever debut, landing at #3 on the Billboard 200 in 2006.

Sadly, as with every success story, the good times came at a cost. In November 2007, while in the midst of legal disputes, tragedy struck within the Hawthorne Heights family. Casey Calvert, the much loved guitarist and resident "screamer" of the band lost his life while on tour due to an accidental overdose. The effects on the band were evident, both personally and musically, and the decision to carry on was the toughest they would ever have to make.

The band decided not to replace Calvert, as he'll always be an integral part to the band. They returned in the summer of 2008 with Fragile Future, their final release with Victory. The album showcased the band in a more somber state. Although the sound is still distinctly Hawthorne Heights, the music, as with the band, has understandably evolved. It's an unflinching look at what has brought them to this place, executed with a firm desire to make the best of what they see as an opportunity for renewal by expanding their musical palette.

In 2010 they released Skeletons, the band's major label debut, and they most certainly brought out the big guns. Big guitars, big hooks, and JT Woodruff's best vocal performance yet. This is an album for those who use music to channel their inner emotions, something to rock out with and yell along to. S

Hawthorne Heights now emerge from a self-imposed isolation and will hit the road, playing some of the same small, sweaty dives they once did as a novice group opening for Victory Records label mates Silverstein back when they started. They are just happy to get back to doing what they do best, playing for their fans, but not without reminding them that reality is never far away.

DIY has never been more embodied than by one of the hardest working acts in the industry, Emery. Choosing to go their own way after a fruitful and longstanding relationship with Tooth & Nail Records, vocalist Toby Morrell and guitarist Matt Carter embarked on their own dream, forming BadChristian. BadChristian is a media entity now acting as record label, blog, and podcast. Through their new and blossoming self-made home, Emery released 2015’s You Were Never Alone, receiving massive praise from longtime fans and critics alike. In a very popular move, the four piece recruited former bassist Devin Shelton to rejoin for the release, injecting the record with styles that haven’t been present in any Emery record since Shelton’s departure. YWNA charted number 1 on Billboard's Top Christian Albums and number 69 on Billboard's Top 200 chart. The band’s sixth full-length album went on to sell more units in it’s first week than any of their previous label-released albums. For their first self-released product, Emery utilized their loyal fan base along with a whole new wave of Emery supporters who have sprung up from the popularity of The BadChristian podcast, to crowd fund the record and produce ten music videos for YWNA. In addition to their traditional club tours, Emery has further embraced the DIY ethos by gracing living rooms, coffee shops and parking lots to bring You Were Never Alone to fans across America. This new year promises to bring more surprises from the four piece, including side projects and more fan interactive content.


Metalcore band from Fort Worth, Texas (US)

Micah Kinard - Vocals
Shane Blay - Guitar/Vocals
Nate Grady - Guitar
Zac Mayfield - Drums

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