Metamorphosis, a series of therapeutic art workshops by Lucien Vedego

Metamorphosis, a series of therapeutic art workshops by Lucien Vedego

In this workshop series led by Lucien Vedego, we will explore different methods of using art to capture, express, and transform our individual emotional states. We will employ the use of several different mediums, including but not limited to: acrylic, watercolor, graphite, pen and ink, and charcoal.
By the end of this series, you will find yourself equipped with knowledge that allows you to confidently invite your headspace to be with you and transform what you find there into expressive work.
It is recommended that you bring your own sketchbook or paper pad, so you can carry your work with you and be able to reference techniques from previous lessons at any time. It is also encouraged that you bring your own supplies that you can grow with(a list of recommended materials will be provided in the description of each workshop), but if you are unable to, there will be supplies available at the workshop.
The workshops will be held upstairs in the Artist Space.

Photo Credit of Luce's work goes to Deer Creek Media (

June 23rd Workshop:
"Beauty in the Layers"

Description: In this workshop, we will explore the magic we can make when we combine mediums and methods. We will be working with watercolor, acrylic, different drawing tools, and paper ephemera. We'll practice glazing (layering watercolor paints), adding depth and dimension, and layering within a palette.
Supplies you need to bring: A surface you will paint on! Can be anything from cardboard to canvas. We will work our watercolor on separate paper.
Supplies you are welcome to bring: Your own watercolors/acrylics.

Cost per class: $15 (scholarships may be available)



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