The Little Miss, Albert Kass

The Little Miss

I've spent the last four years in Los Angeles agonizing over every song I've released. And I've released a total of four. That's one a year. It's not like I'm not writing or performing the rest of the year, either -- it just takes me a long ass time to do anything.

With "Pollyanna," I wanted to embrace imperfection. Inspired by other artists who have adopted analog recording methods, I, too, wanted to try my hand at something that was never going to be perfect. Something you couldn't go back and overdub or edit.

To be more specific, these nine songs were recorded in the span of about two hours on a whirlwind trip up north to visit a friendly old time-y recording wizard named Jon and his genuinely whimsical collection of antique gear. Our car broke down two hours in, we almost didn't go, but hey, I made it back in time for work the next morning.

And so, "Pollyanna," worts and all, is my exercise in letting go. I've held onto the same collection of songs for nearly half a decade, and it is time to set them free. And you know what? I'm releasing them because I genuinely, and from the bottom of my heart, am simply longing to share them. I hope I can transport you to some made-up, sepia-toned time that never existed with cozy blankets, a fireplace and some cocoa in tow. Or, you know, something like that 😉

“I’ve always been a late bloomer. As a fresh college grad and aspiring songwriter, I had stars in my eyes. Life however, had other plans. Over the course of two non-music related careers, spanning two decades, I never really stopped playing and writing music. My relationship with it at that time was minimal at best. It took exactly one personal tragedy, and one professional, to strip me of any falsities about who I am, and my purpose here. After a bout of depression, life took on a new meaning, and the music from this era of my life, is the incarnation of that meaning. It’s something I’ve been called to do. “



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