Spirits Having Fun

Spirits Having Fun

Chicago-via-NYC outfit Spirits Having Fun make the kind of music that is perhaps never encountered the same twice. So, in announcing their debut album Auto-Portrait, out in June via Ramp Local, they are sharing but an iteration of themselves, one that is to be manipulated and reinvented again and again upon future performances of its nine songs. Coming from such eclectic backgrounds as jazz and composition, ska and punk, folk and synthpop, the members of Spirits Having Fun (Katie McShane, Jesse Heasly, Andrew Clinkman, and Phil Sudderberg) are at home with improvisation, but only/especially because of their affinity for each other, musically. “Collaborative magic,” they call it. The result is a genre-bending blend of scattered yet undeniably infectious melodies coasting along ever-adaptable rhythmic patterns. Dissonant and chaotic at times, completely and lovingly alluring at others…Auto-Portrait is a record with which you can wrestle, or you can hug.

Alice Cohen & the Channel 14 Weather Team

Alice Cohen is a musician and visual artist based in Brooklyn, NY. Musically active for decades, Cohen began playing her songs in Philadelphia coffee houses as a teenager, then went on to sing and play in bands in the late 70s, honing her skills in disco cover bands. In 1979 she had her first release with Philly funk band Fun City, “Save the Best for Last” (Chrysalis Records), and in 1982 wrote the dance floor song “Deetour” for Atlantic Records’ disco singer Karen Young. In the 80’s she was in the synth-pop band The Vels (Polygram Records), and in the 90’s she sang and played bass with grunge band Die Monster Die (Roadrunnner Records). In more recent years she has released 6 solo LPs. With her most recent, “Artificial Fairytales” (NNA Tapes), she is joined by members of her live band, Adrian Knight and David Lackner aka “The Channel 14 Weather Team”. The live band has grown to include Zach Phillips on bass, and Ryan Power on drums.

Gold Dime is a band. It is the brainchild of Andrya Ambro, best known as one half of the noise rock duo Talk Normal. Raw but composed, Gold Dime alternates between an aggression and intimacy, both so sincere, you can’t turn away. Live, Ambro anchors Gold Dime on drums and lead vocals. Every beat is a beckoning to actively listen; and her confident voice no less a beckoning.

2017 brought the release of their debut full-length Nerves (Fire Talk Records) which Bandcamp described as “a gutsy, dense, fascinating work." With this second full length complete and out soon, expect a more dynamic and enveloping sound with collaborative efforts from band members Ian Douglas-Moore on bass and John Bohannon (Ancient Ocean) on guitar. Think The Residents, only more intimate and on-fire.

Performing live since 2014, Gold Dime has opened for the likes of Lower Dens, U.S. Girls, EMA, Rainer Maria, The Blow, Bush Tetras and Xiu Xiu.

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