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Laughing Mater

We're back with our August installment of Laughing Mater! Come join us for an evening hilarious from national touring comedian Jackie Kashian!

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Matt Valdespino
Genevieve Ferrari
Jim Stewart Allen

Jackie Kashian

Kaisa Pylkkänen

Kaisa is one of her native Finland’s top stand up comedians, as seen on Channel 4’s hit show Stand Up! She worked as a writer for television for over a decade before finally taking the stage back herself in 2010. Since then, she has revolutionized the scene for women in the industry in Finland with her five- woman collective “All Female Panel”, booking the most sold out stand-up shows in a club in Helsinki, as well as starting a new comedy festival to promote female comics. In her comedy, Kaisa has focused on turning anger into an art form, patriarchy into a joke and white wine into anti-aging cream.

Yumi Nagashima

In just three short years, stand-up comedian and actress Yumi Nagashima has made a large splash on the North American comedy scene with her sassy stage presence and unique point of view. Yumi is a mainstay on the Vancouver comedy scene but she has performed in seven different countries (USA, Australia, England, Germany, Sweden, Japan and Canada.) You may have also heard her on the CBC radio program “The Debaters.” She has been featured on Andy Kindler's Alternative show as a part of Just For Laugh North West. She was also a finalist in the 2016 & 2017 Yuk Off Competition. Yumi is also an accomplished actress and has
many acting credits to her name, including "The Man in the High Castle" (HBO).

Nikita Oster

Nikita Oster insists he is very funny. He performs his comedy all over the stage, wowing audiences with his somewhat confusing, dry and low energy delivery. Nikita has lived in Russia, Cambodia, Ukraine and the Netherlands and did not feel at home anywhere, until he met you. He brings an outsider's perspective to indoor events with material that is occasionally funny but consistently sad and absurd, much like Nikita himself.

Erin Crouch

Erin Crouch splits her time between the Pacific Northwest and Eastern Europe, because she can't get enough of rain and socialism. She has been featured on festivals like All Jane Comedy Festival (2018), Chicago Women's Funny Fest (2018) and Alaska B4UDie (2019). She produces two monthly shows in Tacoma and can be seen onstage at the Comedy Underground and other venues all over Seattle, Tacoma and Portland. She's been called 'a good person, but not a nice one.'



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