Paradise Fears

Formed in a small town in South Dakota, a state not widely recognized for its contributions to the world of music, PARADISE FEARS has set out with a unique mission: tell a real story. “We wanted to write songs that matter,” says lead singer Sam Miller. “Simple as that.”

Now a 5-piece, 10-instrument alternative rock outfit, the moniker has served them well: despite never being represented by a manager or a label, the band has built a remarkably widespread and loyal following, with hundreds of thousands of fans subscribed online and millions of streams on Spotify and YouTube. Eager to earn their chops on the road, the band opened for radio rock mainstays Parachute and The Cab before heading out on their own 2014 headlining tour. Following their 2014 signing to Digsin Records, the band released “Who We Were With,” quickly becoming their fastest-growing single, with over 3,000,000 streams, and announced a 2015 tour with Andy Grammer and Alex & Sierra. Their enormous touring and online audiences serve as a testament to the band’s tireless ethic and complete control of their own creative process.

The group began with high school friends, their first recordings paid for by their full time jobs at grocery stores and sandwich shops. After two years of touring and two albums, the band is still evolving and perfecting their unique brand of theatrical alternative pop, infusing orchestral soundscapes and even spoken word, their central tenant as remained the same: honest lyrics and “songs that matter.”


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