Hatfield, Lenape "The People", Passing Strange, Tim McDermott


Blending rhythmic acoustics and bass with bright, melodic vocals, Hatfield carves out a dynamic and individual sound. Subject matter varies from personal to fundamental concepts, culminating in the sense that life is a cycle of triumph and struggle, necessary in forming one's identity. The message is one of introspection, acceptance and forgiveness.

Passing Strange

Hailing from the dark and dreary recesses of Southern Connecticut, Kate and Anthony formed Passing Strange in April 2017 after Kate performed solo during an open mic at a bar in Seymour. As Anthony looked on, he thought about how drums would bring depth to the talented songwriter’s creations. He suggested they play together at the same open mic the following week, to determine whether they were musically compatible, and the rest is history.

One of the band's defining moments, without which they might never have come to be, was when Anthony told Kate about the movie "Once." The film is about two musicians who meet randomly, and go on to create music together. The title refers to the many talented artists the filmmaker knew who put off their career by saying “once” they get this and that sorted out, but never succeeded because they had put it off too long. Kate has stated that it was upon hearing this that she felt inspired to go out the next day, purchase a piano, and play the open mic that fateful night.

Currently, Passing Strange is in the midst of recording their debut album. This collection of eleven original songs will showcase a range of styles, while highlighting the raw energy conveyed in the band’s live performances.


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