Molotov rap rock formed in September of 1995 in Mexico City , founded by Tito Fuentes , Miky Huidobro , Jay de la Cueva and as his drummer's mysterious "The Quesadillera". A waiver of this they were joined by Randy Ebright a drummer of origin U.S. . After leaving the group Jay de la Cueva , who left the band to join Phobia , was replaced by Paco Ayala . With eighteen years as a group have sold over three million copies worldwide. The documentary on the band directed by Ollallo Rubio with a low budget, grossed nearly ten mln pesos in Mexico box office and DVD version was number one for several weeks in sales.

The lyrics of their songs are characterized by handling the gamble (or two-way) and the "mood scourge", as they themselves say, mixing satire with humor individual staff members. Usually their lyrics speak of criticism of the government (not just Mexican) but also of women and parties. As for the sound, each of the members has different influences and this allows them to fuse different genres, from rock and rap to funk or cumbia , plus sound, which varies from one disk to another as needed style, always been made ​​up of two low , which gives it an explosive as the band members themselves, hence the name of it.

Santa Pachita

Santa Pachita is a 9-piece band that blends a variety of musical styles to create an entertaining night of dancing for everyone. The congas, flute, and trumpet add to the energetic and fueled music that is influenced by ska, cumbia, rumba-salsa, and bands like Manu Chao.

$38 - $40


Age Restriction - 7 and over

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