Memorial Weekend Music Fest

Go On Red

Go On Red is a power-punk duo with an alternative punch. Two people just doing what they love and enjoying every second of it.

Never Say Die

Much like the way lightning proceeds thunder, our legend signal the coming of our rock n' roll fury. Prepare yourselves. The time is now. We are Never Say Die.

Ramones, Social Distortion, Dropkick Murphys, The Ducky Boys, Street Dogs, Rancid etc.


Psych rock duo from Arlington, VA. Here to drink your booze and eat your meats. Buckle up.

Once Revealed

Once Revealed is an alternative metal band from Frederick, MD.

Fall of the Furies

Eastern Shore Metalcore band don't exactly have one particular style. FOTF infuse elements of thrash, death, hardcore, prog, sludge, metalcore, and hardcore.

Lunar Freefall

Formed in 2016, Lunar Freefall was created through the counties of Northern Virginia. The members consist of Ryan Baxter- lead singer/guitar, Justin Vu- guitar, Cameron Gillis- drums, and Reese Niccum- bass. Their music is primarily hard rock, taking influence from all genre of music to create a more unique and signature sound. They are currently in the process of recording their first E.P. album, which will be released within the next month.

Lunar Freefall started out playing many covers from bands like Avenged Sevenfold, Metallica, Volbeat, Breaking Benjamin, Disturbed, and much more. They soon started writing songs, playing small gigs around Fairfax and South Riding, and recording their music. Lunar Freefall hopes to share and inspire others with their music as well as learning from them to expand their knowledge and friendships with their community.

The Hollow Truths

Influences: Sublime, Rancid, Van Halen, Oasis, Pink Floyd, STP, Nirvana, Frank Turner, Blink 182, Ballyhoo!, Offspring, Green Day, Choking Victim, Pantera, Hendrix, The Doors, Municipal Waste, Mischief Brew, The Casualties, Mettalica, Bob, T-Swift.



Patrons under 21 years of age pay $2 surcharge at the door.

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