Chuck Cleaver, Lisa Walker & Mark Messerly (of Wussy)

Chuck Cleaver, Lisa Walker & Mark Messerly (of Wussy)

Wussy founding members Chuck Cleaver, Lisa Walker and Mark Messerly perform an in-the-round style show that will feature material from Walker’s and Messerly’s recently-released solo albums (under the monikers The Magic Words and INERT, respectively), as well as songs from Cleaver’s forthcoming debut solo LP. Stories will be shared and stripped-down Wussy numbers will be included.

Chuck Cleaver

Chuck Cleaver (Wussy, Ass Ponys) has been writing and performing his thoughtful, idiosyncratic songs for over thirty years, developing a cult following of devoted fans across the United States, Europe and beyond. However, this summer’s upcoming Send Aid LP (on Shake It Records) marks Cleaver’s first recorded solo output. The debut was produced by Cleaver and frequent Wussy collaborator John Hoffman, and includes guest performances from members of fellow-Cincinnati bands Wussy, Lung, Vacation, Dawg Yawp, Swim Team and Mardou.

A few words from Chuck: “Folks have been trying to get me to do a solo record for years now, and I’ve always held off – mainly because it makes me uncomfortable. If it’s shitty, it’s solely on me. Fuck that. I like being able to point at someone else and blame any number of participants other than myself. This alone shit is scary. But… well… here it is. Ten songs that are primarily Wussy rejects, although I wrote a couple just for this beast. And as you can see (or hear), I’m not really alone.”

“The detail-eyed Cleaver gives equal weight to life’s little joys and disappointments…a rare talent.” – Fred Mills, No Depression

“A small town gothic sensibility” – Jason Cohen, Cincinnati Magazine

“Existential despair in seventy-five words or less” – Robert Christgau

Lisa Walker (The Magic Words)

The Magic Words is the solo output of Wussy’s Lisa Walker, whose limited edition 18-track cassette (released on London’s Damnably Records) comprises several years of lo-fi home recordings, newly re-mastered by Matthew Barnhart. Many of these bedroom pop gems, originally uploaded weekly to Walker’s MySpace page over a decade ago, would become reworked into well-loved Wussy songs in the years to come. Most of the featured material was previously only available on a handful of extremely limited releases, many with handmade covers, some completely un-mastered and only released as CD-Rs by Walker at live shows.. All nearly impossible to find. Standout tracks include “Loaded for Bear”, “Jonah” and “Summertime”.

“[Walker is] my first pick if I had to draft an indie-rock all-star team. She’s been a goddamn hero since the first time I heard her sweet, soaring voice all over Wussy’s 2005 album, Funeral Dress.” Adam Nayman, The Ringer

“Junk Train.. captures the grounded, primitive nature of lo-fi’s best. The recording quality adds a sense of mystery and immediacy, much like PJ Harvey’s amazing 4-Track Demos” – Mike Breen, CityBeat

“Walker may be the finest female singer working today” – Robert Christgau

Mark Messerly (INERT)

INERT is a new collaborative project from Ohio writer and multi-instrumentalist Mark Messerly (Wussy, Messerly & Ewing, Pike 27). The album was created at the late, great Ultrasuede Studios and includes cameo appearances from members of over a dozen beloved Cincinnati-area bands, including among them Wussy, Lung, Afghan Whigs, Vacation, Clifford Nevernew and Tweens. The somewhat freeform recording process centered around embracing a spirit of improvisation, allowing for a number of inspired moments – many of them products of spur-of-the-moment bursts of shared creativity. Standout tracks include the achingly beautiful “Whispering” and Americana-inspired “The Worst of Us All”.

“A thoroughly engaging and fluid listen. Most of the tracks are under two minutes, but none ever feel like mere song sketches to be discarded or saved for later fleshing-out.” – Mike Breen, CityBeat

“INERT is a wonderfully dynamic artistic collaboration project that brings together some of the biggest and best names in local music.” – Jim Nolan, Cincinnati Public Radio

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