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Shark in the Water

Shark in the Water delivers a blistering tidal wave of non-stop, raw, gritty surf music. Formed in 2013 and hailing from California’s Bay Area, Shark in the Water is Jim Utterback (guitar), Jerry Langhorst (bass) and Dale Conboy (drums). Utterback’s overdriven baritone guitars and the straightforward, hard-hitting rhythm section of Langhorst and Conboy crank out distinctively pounding surf music. It’s what the band calls “surf music with teeth.”

“People dig Shark in the Water, because just like the three guys in the band, the music is unpolished, raw and fun. If you like sharks, like to party and have ears, this is the band for you,” quips Utterback.

Electrosloth (formerly Phantom Power)

Phantom Power, a new San Francisco supergroup!
Josh Zee-guitar, vox. Jonnie Axtell-guitar, vox. Amir Zitro-bass, vox. Joaquin Spengemmen-drums, vox.

Josh Zee- (Guitar/Vocals) Josh has released several major and independent label albums as the singer/songwriter for Bay Area groups, The Mother Truckers and Protein among others.
He has toured extensively throughout the U.S., Europe and Japan and has also been written up in numerous national publications including, Guitar Player Magazine, Thrasher Magazine, and many more.

Jonnie Axtell - (Guiar/Vocals) Jonnie has been surfing the music wave since 1986 when he formed the Bay Area band Psychefunkapus. The band made two albums for Atlantic Records, and had their video on regular rotation on MTV. He then continued to make a name for himself as a music veteran in many local San Francisco bands, including the official SF production of Hedwig and the Angry Inch guitarist, keyboardist and vocalist for the entire 106 show run.

Amir Zitro - (Bass) A former student of Joe Satriani, Amir has been fortunate enough to play with many great local musicians. He has deep roots in funk, soul and hard rock. He has toured nationally and internationally and is known locally for his work with Alex Skolnik's Exhibit A, Sourpuss and The Kehoe Nation, as well as stand-in work with Flipsyde, Bang Data, Corrine West, Cat McLean, Vortex Tribe and Gennaro's Wax Trio.

Joaquin Spengemann - (Drums) Joaquin is a hard-hitting Bay Area legend, who has played with such acts as The Bluchunks, Walrus, Hellworms, Kehoe Nation, and Three Agents. He’s an Aquarius who specializes in solo-synchronized swimming. he likes altitude and smooth pavement and dislikes dentists and leaf blowers.

AC/DZ Featuring Steve Souza of EXODUS

AC/DZ is the brainchild of Steve "Zetro" Souza (Exodus, Hatriot).

Back in 2010, Zetro decided it was time to pay homage to his number one musical influence, Bon Scott. So Zetro contacted some of his longtime Bay Area contacts, most notably Walter Morgan,nto put the word out that he was looking for players to form a Tribute band to recreate the energy, power, and force of the original AC/DC.

The original lineup for AC/DZ back in 2010 consisted of:

Zetro (Vocals - naturally)
David Chapman (Lead Guitar)
Jon Allen (Drums - Sadus)
Elena Repetto (Bass - Bomb & Scary, Skinner)
Drew Gage (Guitar - Hatriot)

Playing a handful of shows in the Bay Area, this group of Rock and Roll Mercenaries quickly garnered a reputation as a no holds barred, high energy, in your face Rock and Roll assault
that embodied the true raw spirit of the Real AC/DC.

Over the years, some of the players have moved on and we've had the benefit of having a couple of special guest musicians that have joined for a short time and/or shared the stage with us for a show or two:

Dan Kopp (Guitar)/Pamela Ausejo (Guitar)/Adam Alvarez (Bass)/
Tony Peterson (Bass)/Kevin Seymour (Drums)/Wade Olson (Drums)
John Linn (Drums)

Will Carroll (Death Angel) took over for Jon Allen in 2013 and Troy Alexander joined in 2015. Joel Proto joined in 2018, Which leads us to AC/DZ's current lineup (2018):

Steve “Zetro” Souza (Vocals - Exodus)
Will Carroll (Drums - Death Angel)
Dave Chapman (Guitar)
Joel Proto (Guitar - Vain)
Troy Alexander (Bass)

The names may change, but the Rock and Roll Remains The Same!

AC/DZ - Let There Be Rock...Again!

Monster God

Based in Oakland, California, Monster God was formed in 2017 by Mike Smario (ex-Inhalent), Mike Kaufmann (ex-Defiance, Under) and Karl Casolori (ex-Inhalent). Their music can best be described as doom/sludge metal influenced by Neurosis, Acid Bath, Kyuss, Black Sabbath, Stoned Jesus and High on Fire. Monster God offers a mix of slow heavy chugging guitar riffs, thundering bass, hard hitting drums, and in-your-face sludge style vocals reminiscent of Dax Riggs and Sammy Duet (Acid Bath). Playing their first live show in October 2017, they have already gained a loyal following, subsequently landing them gigs with Crowbar, Incite and Skinlab.


Berkeley, ca.



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