Swampcandy returns home after two European tours to play a very special night at Rams Head On Stage! Swampcandy is pig drinkin’, whiskey eatin’, foot clapping’, hand stompin’, American music. Fermented in primitive blues, pre war folk sounds, field hollers, gypsy jazz, and ragtime. Steeped in influences from Robert Johnson to Radiohead. Their sound is distilled in a boiler of mercurial energy that swirls with tempo changes and dynamic peaks and valleys, holding the ear and refusing to let go.This is a highly motivated band that plays over 200 gigs a year and packs an entertainment value that far exceeds the sum of their parts.

Swampcandy is a high energy American roots/delta blues influenced duo that sounds like a full band, but on this night they will be playing some of their songs as a 4 piece with Gina Cottey on vocals and Jason Zeckowski adding banjo and percussion. Joey Mitchell, as always, plays kick drum while beating, plucking, bowing and popping his upright bass and Ruben Dobbs plays percussive finger style steel resonator and acoustic guitars while crooning, wailing and moaning out the real blues with his unmistakable voice.

For fans of Muddy Waters, Tom Waits, Jack White, Led Zeppelin, The Black Keys, Delta blues, and music in general.



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