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Youth Brigade

Youth Brigade is a punk rock band formed in Los Angeles in 1980 by brothers Mark, Adam, and Shawn Stern. The band subsequently founded BYO Records (Better Youth Organization), which served both as their record label and as a statement of their attitude toward the young people involved in the punk subculture, which was generally sympathetic and arguably less sensationalist than the view usually presented in the media.
Influenced more by the Oi sounds coming out of the UK, Youth Brigade were a blend of street punk and the melodic sound coming out of S. California at the time. They were at the forefront of the DIY scene promoting shows in halls, running one of the biggest punk clubs in the 80's called Godzillas, releasing albums and setting up tours throughout the U.S. and Europe.

Youth Brigade has released five studio albums (counting one released as The Brigade), of which the last was released in 1996. Almost each album was recorded with the original lineup of the Stern brothers (Mark, Adam and Shawn); bassist Bob Gnarly replaced Adam in 1985 during the recording of The Dividing Line, which was released as The Brigade. Adam returned in 1991 (when the band reunited) and contributed to the band's 1992 EP Come Again and their next two albums Happy Hour and To Sell the Truth (which also featured guitarist Johnny Two Bags /Social D, Cadillac Tramps) as well as a split full length with friends The Swingin' Utters before leaving once again in 2007. Adam has since returned along with Johnny "Fingers" Carey on 2nd guitar (Old Man Markley) to round out the current lineup.
Youth Brigade stays active touring around the world and playing select shows which sound appealing to them as both Shawn and Mark keep busy most of the year organizing their long standing punk festival, Punk Rock Bowling and Music Festival each Memorial Day Weekend in Las Vegas.

Lower Class Brats

Formed in 1995 in Austin TX, Lower Class Brats set out to create music unlike anything else in their city. A mixture of Punk, Oi!, 70's Glam and straight ahead rock and roll merged with the theatric imagery of “A Clockwork Orange”. After six months of writing and rehearsals the band began to perform and released a demo cassette. A year later the bands first full length “Rather Be Hated Than Ignored” was released on GMM records and became the soundtrack for a fanbase now known as the “LCB Army”.
The recorded history of five full length LP’s, thirteen 7” ep’s and three different compilation LP’s under their belts. Provides testament to the bands reputation that they are a group that works as hard as they play. All while performing worldwide across the US, Canada, UK, Europe and Asia.

L.C.B. members Bones (vox) and Marty Volume (guitar) Ron Conflict (bass), Zed (guitar) and Nick Brat (drums) continue to record and perform after a 20 year history. Taking great care that every live show is more than "just another gig" but a night for those in attendance to cut loose, forget their daily woes and sing, scream and shout along.

Be prepared if they come to your town to witness the spectacle. Consider yourself invited…. and warned.

Current Line-up:
Bones DeLarge: Vocals/founding member (1995 - present)
Marty Volume: Guitar/founding member (1995 - present)
Ron Conflict: Bass (2012 - present)
Zed: Guitar (2017 - present)
Nick Brat: Drums (2017 - present)

The Bridge City Sinners

Alternative folk/old-time music and punk band from Portland, Oregon, USA.

Ground Score

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