In Memory of Joe Strummer : A Benefit For Strummerville

In Memory of Joe Strummer : A Benefit For Strummerville

Strummerville is a registered charity that gives support to aspiring musicians and help to projects that help change the world through music. Set up by the friends and family of Joe Strummer in the year after his death, the charity seeks to reflect Joe's unique contribution to the music world by offering support, resources and performance opportunities to artists who would not normally have access to them.

Blayer Point du Jour and The Rockers Galore

Blayer Point-du-jour is a seasoned multi-instrumentalist based out of Philadelphia that creates Reggae/Hip Hop/Pop. Port-Au-Prince is his debut EP, to be released by Philebrity Records. Blayer PDJ will be in select cities in 2011.

The Cold Roses

Blending old-soul blues and country with a young rock energy, Philly’s Cold Roses borrowed their name from a Ryan Adams song, and their sound from country rockers like Neil Young, the Band and Kings of Leon. With a groove that sounds older than any of them could be, Cold Roses use deeply personal, whiskey soaked lyrics and "crank a hard-punching, slow-moving beat that embodies perseverance, blunted longing and a wary acknowledge ment of the worst-case scenario" (PW). Formed in late 2010, the four members of the Roses came from varied musical backgrounds and influences, but found a common bond in their shared love of Americana, blues, and rock and roll. Playing original songs that appeal to any generation, their energetic and eclectic live performances quickly showed their tight bond and soulfully different sound, and have made them a regular fixture in the Philadelphia area.

Betty Iron Thumbs

Twangcore from Philadelphia...drawing influence from this diverse list of musicians; Lucinda Williams, Jenny Lewis, Feist, Tegan and Sara, Against Me!, Calexico, Motorhead and Social Distortion.

I Yahn I Arkestra


Once in a blue moon, two spirits come together as one. With that union comes a new strength, creating a great force capable of overcoming any obstacle. It is an unstoppable force and a perfect match. This is I Yahn I Arkestra.

Hailing from the boondocks of Baltimore, Kaseopia and Jah-D began their musical journey as revolutionary cosmonauts, experiencing first-hand the turbulent underground music scene of Maryland and Washington, DC. Spiritually, I Yahn I draw strength from their growing faith in Rastafari, as well as Nyabingi groundations.

Creatively, the Arkestra follows in the footsteps of a long line of socially conscious bands, including Bad Brains, Human Rights, Fugazi and Ras Michael. It is, in fact, during the first Bush years -- post-Reagan, pre-Clinton -- that Kasea and D began to refine what would become their unique and signature style, both musically and vocally.

It was in the early 90's that Kasea and D were ready for their next adventure in their journey and relocated to Philadelphia to pursue art, theater, healing and music -- all the while continuing to write and create new and interesting music of their own. Being in Philadelphia offered the two a direct connection to the city's rich musical heritage and history, as well as an avenue to meeting and collaborating with a wide variety of world-class musicians, performers and teachers.

It was during this period that the Arkestra would begin to take shape, with Kasea and D establishing strong musical bonds with many of the current members in the Arkestra today. One connection, in particular, that the Arkestra is proud of having been able to forge is a long-term relationship with the legendary and world-famous spiritual advisor, teacher and master jazz percussionist Doc Gibbs.

The Future Unwritten

Formerly known as The Relay, The Future Unwritten is quickly gaining momentum in the world of indie rock music. With two well received albums and air-play on several major radio stations throughout the mid-Atlantic region, they are declaring themselves as a force to be reckoned with.

After forming in the summer of 2005, The Future Unwritten was received with praise after playing shows in and around Philadelphia. Shortly after recording their first LP “We Have Our Moments”, the band recorded their EP “Extended Play” with the help of the established Milkboy Studios in Pennsylvania. “Extended Play” was voted “Best Rock EP of the Year” by radio station 93.7 WSTW. In 2007, The Future Unwritten won a battle of the bands: The Grand School of Music’s Musikarmagedon, further proving that they deserve to be heard. In 2008 the band was chosen to appear on Los Angeles based JetSpeed Records "Punk Rawkus" Compilation. In 2009 the band began work on a new full length album do out in the beginning of 2010

Playing in venues throughout New York, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. The Future Unwritten continue to gather more adoring fans and shape themselves into a powerful indie rock band

The Successful Failures

With a name borrowed from a Jack London short story and a blue collar attitude, the NJ Americana/indie-rock band The Successful Failures, have released four full length albums, one Ep, and one 3-song iTunes exclusive single since their inception in 2006.

The NJ Americana/indie-rock band, The Successful Failures, have released their 4th full length album, "Here I Am" – a 12 song barrage of roaring, kicking, indie rock fun. The 12 new songs penned by singer/guitarist Mick Chorba (formerly of well-loved NJ garage rock band, Dipsomaniacs) are about fallen Civil War heroes, shark attacks, Vikings, the rise of new world leaders, and surviving the NJ Turnpike: the typical off-kilter subject matter the band has become know for. This album is all about the rock - blanketed with sweet harmonies and hook-laden melodies and guitar riffs. The Successful Failures will play a series of shows and live performances in support of "Here I Am".

Split Red

West Philly based punk rockers Split Red bring touches of hardcore and funk into their music, guaranteed to be crowd pleasing and have plenty of hooks and shredding. Featuring members of Make a Rising, Sonic Liberation Front, Cuddle Magic, Bird Fly Yellow, Shot x Shot and Electric Simcha.

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