Crying Alone in the Shower

This will be the debut of CAITS, featuring the comedy duo of Brian Craig (Secret Pants) & Julia Hudson (Barbara Bush)

Kate Shine

Kate Shine is a character and sketch comedian based in New York City and is told she was born in Boston and has Irish ancestry which explains both the freckles and the yelling. Kate is finding it weird to write about the type of comedy she creates and hope that gives you some information about her "process"! It just kind of happens, MAN! She hopes you like it and if not that's okay too!

Richard Dreyfuss

Richard Dreyfuss is a Baltimore sketch comedy group that hasn't watched Sex in the City and is proud of it. Past performances at the NYC Sketchfest and on the mean streets of Baltimore have hardened us, so we're not even funny anymore, we're hilarious.

Warning: None of the members of this troupe have ever appeared in the film "Mr. Holland's Opus"

$8.00 - $10.00


Philly Sketchfest 2019 - Philly Improv Theater

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