Rising lyricist Akinyemi[ah-kin-yeh-me] hails from Queens Village, NY, grasping the attention and challenging the minds of his audience while aiming to connect deep lyrical sentiments of hip-hop with unorthodox samples. From the meaning of his name (“fated to be a warrior” in Yoruba), the Nigerian 22-year old embodies his inner warrior in music as a determined independent artist while balancing his full-time studies. Akinyemi’s sound mirrors hip-hop legends such as A Tribe Called Quest and OutKast's Big Boi as well as newer ambiances like Mick Jenkins, while creating original and experimental melodies.

Ultimately, Akinyemi’s goal is to inspire and connect with his fans. He encourages them to be their truest selves by expressing himself through his music in a transparent and unapologetic way. He's not afraid to experiment with sounds that are considered foreign in hip-hop. Akinyemi’s latest accomplishments range from opening for known acts Heems and G4SHI, modeling for Spike Lee’s clothing line, to his latest release of his debut EP, summers, which just received a placement to have in rotation at all nine of Adidas's flagship stores.


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