The Sonic Steps

The Sonic Steps formed in 2014 when friends and band mates Trevor Atashkarian (Vocals/Bass) and Gus Sandage (Guitar) returned to the San Francisco Bay Area after finishing college. They played locally for several years with a variety of line-ups, but it was not until Anthony Gordon (Drums) joined that the group solidified and were finally able to finally create the sound they'd sought for so long. With the release of their self-titled EP in early 2019, the band is looking to energize their fans and make their mark on the Bay Area's historic Rock music scene!

Behrhart is a 3-piece fusion of genres and backgrounds delivered with a punchy rock and blues combination. Comprised of Drew Tobin, Albert Ramies, and Nick Vance, Behrhart formed in San Francisco in 2017 and released their debut album "Feral Ghost" in 2018 featuring expressive tracks "The Forest" and "Black Halo" as well as the explosive "Flirting with the Devil". Behrhart provides audiences an enlivening and dynamic experience.

Formed in 2015 by Bay Area local musicians, our introspective yet dynamic sound is based on revealing the human consciousness through a sonic and visual arena. Our songs are inspired by the darker new wave and gothic rock bands of the 80s mixed with the under-tones of current alternative music. Our stylistic approach is created with a collective and united goal; to create a beautiful sonic landscape layered with cinematic visuals from your best shimmering dreams.

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