Jamie Lin Wilson, Samuel Herb, Cameron Orr

American country singer, songwriter, guitarist

Cameron Orr is a looping artist that uses live-recorded layers of electronically affected violin and synthesizer sounds to create cinematic, orchestral compositions that combine classical, jazz, and modern indie-pop influences.


"Born and raised in the rural, northwestern corner of New Jersey, I started playing violin when I was 7 years old. An old Wurlitzer piano sat in my family's yellow house. Fiddling with those keys was a big part of my childhood.

I took classical violin and piano lessons until I got to college when I decided to make my primary musical relationship with the violin. After two years of classical school, I wandered into new territory and graduated from the City College of New York with a BFA in Jazz Performance.

Playing with Jazz combos required amplification, and amplification required effects. The delay pedal made me want a looping pedal, which I eventually bought but didn't fully understand until, in desperation, I consulted the user's manual.

Through the process of experimenting with the looper, I ended up with tunes. Lack of gigs and funds drove me to subway performance, where I discovered that people rather liked the songs I had written. That is how this project was born. Only time can tell where it leads me."

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