Endangered Blood (Trevor Dunn of MR. BUNGLE & FANTOMAS)

Endangered Blood (Trevor Dunn of MR. BUNGLE & FANTOMAS)

The four members of Endangered Blood are some of the most influential jazz musicians of their generation. Jim Black should need no introduction to listeners of creative music, having established himself as one of the most inventive drummers of his generation, and is currently leading his own trio as well as post-rock/jazz group Alas No Axis. Bassist Trevor Dunn has been touring the world with MR. BUNGLE and FANTOMAS as well as entering the Guinness Book of World Records by playing fifty gigs in fifty states in fifty days as a member of the MELVINS LITE. Oscar Noriega is fast becoming one of the rising stars of creative music as a member of Tim Berne’s acclaimed Snakeoil quartet. Chris Speed continues to be one of the most highly respected jazz saxophonists and clarinetists working today, currently playing with Craig Taborn, Dave King, Uri Caine and John Hollenbeck’s long running Claudia Quintet.

“In Endangered Blood, from New York, two horn players are out front: Chris Speed on tenor saxophone and clarinet, Oscar Noriega on alto saxophone and bass clarinet. They play fast, looping, dynamically even and entwining lines, laying bebop over clanky grooves. (On Wednesday they ran through a version of Thelonious Monk’s “Epistrophy” and their own “Uri Bird,” a piece incorporating some Tristano-like melodies, both from a new, self-titled album, on Skirl Records.) But the action lay at the back of the stage. There was the drummer Jim Black, whose abrupt rhythms and dry cymbals holler 1998, and the extraordinary bassist Trevor Dunn. Mr. Dunn is the group’s anomaly. He’s about the same age as the rest of the band — early 40s — but arrived in New York later, after playing in the West Coast experimental rock bands Mr. Bungle and Fantomas. As the rest of the band felt light and volatile, playing hide-and-seek with harmony and rhythm, Mr. Dunn’s bass sound remained broad and deep and strong. He gave it sense and purpose. You were wondering where a rock aesthetic has improved jazz rather than compromising it? Here.” - New York Times

Scott Amendola Trio is the sound of three as one: Scott Amendola playing drums/percussion/electronics; Karl Evangelista on guitar; and Jason Hoopes, electric bass. Playing music written by all members, they explore the song to the sound. Together they have a unique connection that brings the music to interesting places. Never the same twice.

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