Whiskey & the Wolves


Santa Ana, California based Rock & Roll band. Play it live, play it loud.

Since its inception in 2013, Whiskey & the Wolves has been an ever-evolving project. Founded by three close friends jamming over a bottle of Bulleit Bourbon; steeped in whiskey and blues; full of honesty and attitude; this band, now distilled and hungry, takes its first steps.

We aren't here to bullshit you. We want to play you our stripped-to-the-emotions brand of Rock & Roll. If it resonates with you the way it does us, if the aether pulls you into that warm embrace, then that is what we want to do. "Fuck it, we'll do it live."

Debut Album 2018 - Live shows being booked now in Orange and Los Angeles county.

The wolves are coming.

Formed in Long Beach, Laced in Blue (formerly Kaylee and the Js) brings a heavy presence of rock, while staying true to music's deepest root; the blues. By blending a balance of progressive experimentation, high energy guitar riffs, with a bluesy finish, Laced in Blue has begun tapping into the vast world of expression. No matter what type of music you listen to, the fabric of such has stitchings of blues music which holds it all together. We are all laced in blue.

Ian Abel Band

Jack Cash and the Long Haul

Karma Vulture

Three piece original rock band from Los Angeles formerly known as @Panicineden

Conor Spellane : Lead Vocals/ Bass Guitar
Will Hammond : Lead Guitar
Nick Bock : Drums

adv tix $12.00 / day of show tix $18.00


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