Morgan Page

Morgan Page has been making electronic oriented music since the age of 12. Eventually, he mailed off a few demo cassettes to a local college radio station: WRUV 90.1 FM at the University of Vermont. The DJs loved the tracks and ended up playing the low-fi tapes, regardless of the grainy 8 bit sampled sound. All songs by Morgan, who at that time went under the moniker: Cylus, were made entirely with a low budget program called "Impulse Tracker", which allowed musicians to arrange and compose songs entirely on a computer, without an external sampler. A year later, Morgan mailed a demo tape to 99.9 FM "The Buzz" to production manager and DJ Jason Steeves (formely of WFNX), who hosted an electronic specialty music show on an otherwise commercial station. The tape received weekly airplay. Morgan continued to move forward, buying records, reading the industry publications, and absorbing as many influences he could while working to improve his music.

Eventually, Morgan landed his own weekly radio show on WRUV at the University of Vermont- very rare for a high school student. Originally the show was a spot he was filling for a DJ on the popular Saturday night time slot. This inspiring experience eventually got Morgan into DJing and introduced him to the plethora of domestic and international underground electronic independent record labels which came by the box-load every week. In the early stage of the show, Morgan was mainly playing trance music, but this phase soon died as the radio station starting receiving a few now famous deep and hard house albums: Barada - Strategies For A Deeper Design, Terry Lee Brown Jr. - Chocolate Chords, and Swayzak - Snowboarding in Argentina. These albums entirely changed the way Morgan looked at music, and thus became pivotal points in the music that influenced his creations.

After interning for Plastic City in New York, house music become more and more a labor of love. This prompted Morgan to finally lay down the cash and buy some real music equipment. Always revising and improving his personal music style, Morgan is attending Emerson College and currently making deep house in Boston.



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