Brewhouse Rock

Brewhouse Rock

Join us on Sunday, July 21st for the first ever Brewhouse Rock! We’re throwing it back to the original Band of Brewers (hosted by Philly Beer Scene 2013-2017) and gathering your favorite local breweries for a good old-fashioned battle of the bands (no multiplication or grammar skills required). We’ve rounded up employees from Yards, Victory, Weyerbacher, Tonewood, Double Nickel, and Crime & Punishment to take the stage.

The event will be hosted by comedians John McKeever and Tim Butterly (Comedy Central’s Delco Proper, HBO’s High Maintenance).

Bands will be judged by a panel of prominent members from the local music and/or beer scene. The judges for Brewhouse Rock are:
Jaxon from WMMR 93.3
Full Bush (Post-punk foursome from Philadelphia)
Fear of Craft Beer Planet Podcast (Craft Beer Podcast hosted by Jay Rose, Richard James Rabic, Rob Forczek, and Producer Dan Jacoby)

There will be laughs, riffs, and plenty of beer from each participating brewery. To top it all off, a portion of proceeds will go to the winning brewery’s charity of choice. Stay tuned for more announcements!

Yeast Factory - Metal. Beer. Rainbows. Disqualified from Star Search and American Idol for incorrectly playing to Milli Vanilli tracks, Yeast Factory is comprised of 6 members from every department of the brewery covering songs we like by metal bands we like while drinking beer we like. We still lip sync and air guitar but now it's to metal.

Duster V - Duster V is a hard-hitting rock 'n' roll band from Easton, Pennsylvania. Their turbo-charged blend of punk, alternative, pop, and classic rock is reflected in the diversity of their catalog of music; a broad spectrum of sounds that runs the gamut from No Doubt and Outkast to My Chemical Romance, Pink Floyd, and Coheed & Cambria.

Victory Brewing Co.

Eddie & Tha ILLest - The duo formed during a family gathering and it was simply organic fun. Years later we decided to bring a few songs out of the woodwork for for the masses attending Brewhouse Rock at World Cafe Live. This will be a rare, never before seen, subway style live performance. Eddie is on the drums, TJ is on the mic.

The Cellar Dwellar - "Crawling out of the dank basements of the South Jersey music fest scene, The Cellar Dwellar is said to emerge once a year, and legend has it if it sees its shadow it means 6 more weeks off fermentation. The multi talented employees of Tonewood Brewing have brewed up a dose of jersey fresh jams for your listening pleasure.

Falco (Commiserators, Charming Snakes, Candy Volcano) leads the charge as Anton (Suburban Sensi) lays down the lowend groove. Wes & Jeremy (Your Persona) tagteam the rhythm, mercilessly pounding the skins like some crazed luchadors on a bad acid trip. Taylor exudes his typical unflinching cool, unleashing his arsenal of riffs n' licks that he's been saving up for just the proper occasion. And as luck would have it, Tonewoods newest employee Dobbs just happens to tickle the ivories. What could possibly go wrong?"

Double Nickel Brewing

Hot Caustic

Crime and Punishment

Dogs on Main Street - Nebraska era Springsteen with modern electronic touches.

$20 ADV / $25 DOS + Fees


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