Anova, Nine Zero, Right On Red

Anova is-
Joe Maurer- drums and percussion
Joseph Kuban-bass
James Meldrum- lead vocals, guitar
Bric Chaney- guitar, vocals

Nine Zero

Nine Zero is a three piece band out of Dallas Texas performing powerful prevalent rock music. Jim O’Grady, Kye Wonsang and Chris Riddle formed in Frisco Tx. Immediately after playing together the chemistry was established. Brittany’s Song and Radio Flyer are the two songs that got the band officially started. Nine Zero is a high energy, intense and creative band that fearlessly aims to bring back great, raw and powerful music.

Right On Red

The cinematically epic, well known Dallas band, Right On Red has created a sound that is often compared to a blend of acts such as OneRepublic, Train, and SafetySuit. Both former members of Faktion under Roadrunner Records, vocalist Ryan Gibbs and guitari

$7.00 - $10.00


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