The Southern California Gold Mine that is “LOOM” brings to the world music that drips with style, packed full of psych and soul. Sabbathian riffs with guitar work reminiscent of Billy Gibbons and Greg Allman's voice preaching tried and true. It can strike a fire in your heart, or plunge it into a grasping choke for the warmth you once knew. As the sun may set every night, LOOM is the flash of green light that might break across the sky."
Mind Flowers Magazine

Spirit Mother

Composed of Singer / Bassist: Armand Lance, Violinist: Sarah Jane Long, Guitarist: Sean McCormick, and Drummer: Landon Cisneros, Spirit Mother is a heavy psych group out of Long Beach, CA. Daniel Oliva describes the band in Cool-Tite Magazine as “jangly, heavy, and rhythmic, with violin ominous, out-front, and present” using violin, a driving rhythm section, and fuzz to craft their sound.

$8.00 - $10.00


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