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Feat: Miette Hope, Willow Stephens, Lucy Walsh and Michelle Vezilj

Harry Katz & the Pistachios

Love. Death. Dreams. Conspiracy. Escapism. Homelessness. All put under the poetic microscope of Harry Katz’s original songwriting. With a distinct blend of classic soul and rock and roll, his uniquely raspy voice feels like the smooth veritas of an un-pulled cigarette, laying over a tight and pounding 10-piece band that turns brass into gold. His lyrics appear at first to be simple and fun, but as you go deeper into a familiar and yet fresh catalog of music, you’ll find the feeling of home on the edge of a razor. With Harry Katz, something far darker and more poignant is revealed, disguised as the most fun you can have seeing a live band. The Pistachios are preparing a live EP and a studio single. A demo is available on their website.

Introducing: Los Angeles, CA. based, ‘Creating Monsters’ under the name ‘Josh Arbour’ will be performing at the Troubadour in West Hollywood, California on Saturday, July 27th as the band’s Official Launch/Debut EP Release Performance. Ticket Info:

Featuring: Josh Arbour on Vocals & Guitar, Taylor Lebowe on Guitar, Callie Gálvez on Cello, Kamber Fishbein on Bass & Vocals, Greg Cecconi on Drums, Adam Ray Burton on Guitar & Vocals, and Adeline Cimino on Vocals.

Influences: Tom Waits, Édith Piaf, Jeff Buckley, Billie Holiday, Jacqueline du Pré, Nick Cave, Romantic Gothic Literature, Danse Macabre (Saint-Saëns), Controversial Topics: Drug Addiction & Alcohol Abuse, Sexuality, Historical Atrocities, Current Events, early Punk Rock, Gospel Blues, and Indie Rock-n-Roll would help set the tone for ‘Creating Monsters’. Experience this hauntingly exciting sound for yourself on Saturday, July 27th at the Troubadour in West Hollywood, CA.

The Charities are a soul, funk based band from Hermosa Beach California. They experiment with a wide array of instruments that are not conventional to today’s standard band line up: (guitar, bass, drums, etc.). Their music draws influence from many different genres such as vintage jazz, old Motown soul, to funk, and even disco and R&B. What makes their performance so memorable is their energy and ability to get the crowd engaged and moving, especially because of their front man who is recognized for his retro dance moves. They explore inventive ways to use percussion and wind instruments, and even more so in their recordings. The Charities are a fun mix of good friends who grew up around each other while playing in different bands where all the musicians were individually recognized for their style and experience. Every member of The Charities adds a unique personality and sound that can be heard within their musi

Haleigh Bowers is a singer/songwriter from Los Angeles, California. She began her musical career as a songwriter, working with local and international artists as well as writing for media platforms. Her diverse writing career has helped her to develop her own artist project. Her distinct sound is nostalgic with influences from over the decades and joining them with insightful, witty lyrics. Haleigh Bowers delivers a unique perspective that is relatable to all.

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