What happens when you combine the female forces behind projects such as Duover, Orquestra Pacifico Tropical, Point Juncture WA, Ioa, Great Wilderness, and Sallie Ford? This is where Bitch'n brews. The fresh, all-woman punk-meets-pop five-piece came together in spring 2015, recording epic free jams that they later wrote lyrics over. Including Rebecca Rasmussen, Amanda Spring, Emily Overstreet, Nefertiti Porter, and Shana Lindbeck. Bitch'n is equal parts Fugazi and Tom Tom Club, with the playfulness of Dirty Projectors and Hot Chip, keeping it bumpin' with catchy songs accented by dark bass, psych-pop guitars and keys, driving drum beats, and all five women's voices singing and sometimes shouting in unison. Experimental in nature, Bitch'n expertly weave a tapestry through their songs, keeping the project from falling into a single box, while simultaneously following a cohesive thread.


American post-punk / indie rock band from Portland, Oregon.

"The songs feel like a joke at your (and their) expense, and the band- a playful group of disgruntled art school students and cyber terrorists reveling in the jest"

YUVEES were born to the brothers Broome in Columbus,OH in 2016. In an effort to escape their quickly deteriorating environment, they fashioned a live-in tour vehicle (with former drummer Justin Barlow) and set sail on what was supposed to be a never ending tour supporting a hastily made living room demo. Eventually, the vehicle died in Silver City, New Mexico and the band was retrieved from the desert by a close friend. They managed to continue traveling till funds & shows dwindled, landing them in Portland, OR. They recorded the EP "Seething in whisper town" in April of 2018 before the departure of drummer Justin Barlow. The band currently gigs in the pacific northwest with a new line-up poised for an upcoming tour and LP. The band seamlessly transitioned from a stark and barreling 3 piece, to a playfully noise-laden, dance-driven 5 piece with the addition of Samantha Oxley, Danny Welch(Old Outfits) & Riley Mclaughlin.
YUVEES are known for their chaotic, quirky performances and have often been tossed about as being a "Mutant Disco" or a "No Wave" band.

"Seething in whisper town" was recorded by Adam Becker at Red Lantern studios in Portland,OR and mastered by Ryan Foster at Foster's mastering in Portland,OR.



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