Brian Buckley Band

Brian Buckley Band's new album, "My Rebel Darling," is a two-disc, eighteen-track lockbox of eclectic tunes produced and engineered by Johannes Raassina. Upending the standards of floorboard-stomping experimental roots rock and merged with folky singer-songwriter intimacy, these songs run the gamut from whisper-soft confessionals to anthemic indie prog rock. Conceived and tracked over a three year period in Los Angeles, California, the final result is one of chaotic duality, symphonic prose and, in its final heart-cleaving notes, a desperate plea to figure out what it truly means to be alive.

Alisan Porter’s newest album, Pink Cloud “is the bible of everything I’ve done.” says Porter, “it has all accumulated to this moment. It’s about truly understanding what it means to be in a partnership, but also really knowing who you are within a relationship.”
Porter auditioned for “The Voice” to take her music career to the next level. Working and winning with Christina was joyful!
Alisan had already been successful before the unusual event of all four chairs turning around at her Blind Audition. Prior to her win on “The Voice”, she released two albums - The Canyons, signed to Randy Jackson’s label and Who We Are. Alisan has a songwriting credit on Adam Lambert’s “Aftermath”, from his debut album For Your Entertainment. Her most recent EP, I Come in Pieces, further pushed her songwriting and sound working with all-star producer, Greg Wells.
Pink Cloud, brings Alisan back to her roots. Working with the same team as her 2014 album, Who We Are, along with Grammy award-winning producer, Matt Rollings, as a collaborator.
The first two singles off the album, “Never Could” and “Wild One”, once again proves the musical mastery of Alisan Porter.
The powerhouse vocals, flowing melodies and meaningful lyrics of Pink Cloud make clear that the millions of fans who voted for Alisan were right. She is excited about sharing this new Album with the Global Music Market.
As a mother of two, Alisan lends her support to philanthropic causes relating to women and family as often as her schedule allows.

Thomas Nicholas Band

Gabrielle Urman, Tony Trombi, Tuesday White of the "School of Rock Fairfax" will be joining TNB on the stage

Thomas Nicholas Band is currently working on their 7th studio album while doing a US tour. Over the last ten years TNB has played over 600 concerts around the world from huge festivals to solo acoustic shows in intimate clubs, not to mention the private charity fundraisers. Front man, Thomas Nicholas is a hybrid of Dave Grohl meets Bruce Springsteen and his live performance is so much fun to watch that people always come back to see another one. Nicholas is still acting full time and just finished producing a new feature film entitled, Adverse, where he plays opposite Mickey Rourke, Lou Diamond Phillips, Penelope Ann Miller, Sean Astin and more.

Final Child

Raised in the 90’s where she learnt to sing along to everything from Spice Girls to Nirvana, this girl brought her Swedish roots to America in 2008 where her music career started a few years later. After various bands and success with her duo Bloke & Bird, her hidden talent as a writer and producer started to evolve when Final Child was born: A personal, one woman show representing sounds of the past, present and future with another dimension you’ve yet to explore.

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