Bardo Pond

Bardo Pond

Bardo Pond are an American psychedelic rock band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania who formed in 1991. Bardo Pond's drug-inspired music is often classified as space rock, acid rock, post-rock, shoegaze, noise or psychedelic rock.

The current members:
Michael Gibbons (guitar)
John Gibbons (guitar)
Isobel Sollenberger (flute and vocals)
Clint Takeda (bass guitar)
Jason Kourkonis (drums)
Aaron Igler (synth/electronics)

First line-up (until 2001) :
Isobel Sollenberger, John Gibbons, Michael Gibbons, Clint Takeda, Joe Culver

Sunburned Hand Of The Man

Sunburned Hand of the Man are a band from Boston, Massachusetts that formed in 1994 as the Boston psychedelic punk trio Shit Spangled Banner. They developed and changed their name in 1996 to reflect the new vibes and members.

They release records on various labels, as well as a number of smaller labels, and produce a great number of limited edition albums on CDr via their own Manhand label.



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