Eminence Ensemble

While Eminence Ensemble’s musicianship impresses most, it’s their ability to cross and bend genres so fluidly, meticulously and with purpose that sends fans on a unique journey. The 6-piece band takes you down the rabbit hole with soulful vocals and playful lyrics to reach new levels of transcendence. EE waits for no one and their tenacity is real. Despite attempts at categorizing Eminence Ensemble, the band has interest and heart for every genre and has devoted its craft to making you feel as if you too are a part of the journey.

When you attend an Eminence show, you’ll hear influences from 80's hard rock, 70's soul and funk and 00's R&B. Their live shows are hard to pinpoint, as streamlined as they are unique, light-hearted as they are dark, but never boring. The Denver-based sextet has performed at Electric Forest, Euphoria Music Festival, The Werk Out, Friendly Gathering and more. Eminence Ensemble is more than just a rock band, they’re a rock band who jams with heart and soul.

The Driven Strings

We are a blues psychedelic rock band based out of East Lansing, Michigan. We started playing basement shows with the goal of giving every person who came a night that was unique and memorable. This is the idea we take with us to every show we play, big or small. We believe music should be spontaneous: made in one instant and gone in the next.

This anomalous Northern Michigan band redefines the sound of the electronic genre. A progressive jam band, Biomassive blends the organic feel of real-time music with deep, intelligent beats of their ground shaking sub bass mechanics.

Biomassive has fused funk and progressive rock to arrive at an unparalleled sound and is currently working a brand new, self produced album. Gaining recognition for their memorable onstage presence. Biomassive performed several headlining slots in Michigan markets and are actively expanding in 2017. Their energy and flow both on and off stage is an effortless communication between music and listener.

$10.00 - $12.00


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