Holy Grail

Straight up Heavy Metal from Pasadena, CA on Prosthetic Records.

It's about time for another Canadian high-octane band to set the world on fire. Standing on the shoulders of Canadian giants like Annihilator, Exciter, Cauldron and the best of European and American Speed Metal, STRIKER certainly are one of the finest newcomers from Canada in the last decade.

Formed in 2007 by Ian Sandercock and Dan Cleary, Striker found a consistent lineup in the Summer of 2008 and released their debut EP "Road Warrior" on Iron Kodex Records. The widely praised EP warranted a European tour invitation, which will include stops at the renowned "Keep it True" Festival in Germany and the "Pounding Metal" Festival in Madrid Spain in Spring 2010 but unfortunately due to volcanic activity the trip had to be cancelled (See the song Fuck Volcanoes for more details)

With their debut full-length "Eyes in the Night" receiving rave reviews from all over the world , Striker has had the privilege of sharing the stage with great bands such as Sacrifice, 3 Inches of Blood, Raven and Sodom, and also have completed a Canadian tour in 2010 and a European tour in early 2011, including a stop at the Metal Assault festival. Now Striker is fully loaded and ready to shred!

An American Black/ Speed Metal band from Portland, Oregon. Formed in 2013.

Beast Warrior

At the outermost fringe of the universe, far beyond the range of sentient thought, they were born. Four beings, spawned forth from the unholy union of dark matter and the semen of God. For eons they have grown powerful beyond comprehension, enveloping stars, entire solar systems, with their presence. They have eaten suns. They have shat galaxies. They have tasted the sweat of the purest virgins.
The collective consciousness of the demigods has encompassed all of time and space. Knowledge of the dawning of life and of six different apocalypses fills their minds. Their gargantuan and pulsating influence yet expands, even to the mortal realm, silently but swiftly penetrating the spongy and waiting minds of the human race. Women lie with their clothes rended from their bodies, their naked flesh exposed and their minds rotted, maniacal babble exploding from their lips. They speak of lands undreamed, creatures blacker than the deepest abyss, and a name: Baldor...



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