Akello Jackie & Kinobe Band

Akello Jackie & Kinobe Band

Ugandan Songstress Jackie Akello is an Afro-soul singer. She has performed in many major concerts curtain raising for big stars.

Kinobe is a multi instrumentalist and singer from Uganda who plays several traditional African instruments like the harp-like kora and the kalimba, or thumb piano. He got his start early, playing his first international show in Netherlands by the age of ten. Kinobe is former member of the now defunct ethnic-pop outfit Soul Beat Africa.

Akello is a Ugandan world music and contemporary performer, singer-songwriter who sings in most popular East African languages like Swahili, Luganda, English and Acholi, her mother tongue. She hails from Northern Uganda, an area that has gone through years of war with the infamous Joseph Konys Lords Resistance Army (LRA) rebel group.

Many lives were lost, several families were forced to move into refugee camps and her family was forced to flee and find safety in the suburbs of the countrys capital, Kampala. Akello debuted her singing career with a song entitled Wan Wilobo which is Acholi for we are the world. A song that tells the story of the Acholi women, who braved a 25-year long civil war tasked with the responsibility of holding the home together despite the fact that the world seemed to be crumbling around them.

Despite a background loomed over by a dark memory, Akello penned songs of love and thanksgiving, and looked to spread the spirit of togetherness, love, hope and utter happiness, traits affiliated to the African.
As a voice of hope and love, her music reflects on many life changing stories as well as important global issues. She sings to inspire, educate, unite and empower communities


KINOBE (pronounced chi-no-bay) is a Ugandan singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist whose work has been described as some of the most exquisite music coming out of Africa today. For more than 15 years, he has captivated audiences with his soothing African rhythms, understated vocals and powerful world-roots-dance melodies that emanate from the diversity of the many traditional instruments he customized to develop his unique sound.

He has performed over 100 concerts, often sharing the stage with other celebrated artists including Baaba Maal, Angelique Kidjo, Salif Keita, Youssou NDour, Oliver Mtukudzi and Hugh Masekelaand he has released 10 albums and CDs. His latest, The Voice Within, is quite different from all the others. Rather than offering a mix of traditional songs with intimate rhythms, all of the tracks on The Voice Within are original and tackle social and global issues dear to his heart like love, diversity, economic development and warbut in a beautiful way, he promises.

The release of the CD coincides with Kinobes long-awaited 2018 North American Tour where he performs solo, as well as in an electrifying stage production alongside his Dance of Hope ensemble. The young troupe is made up of children he mentored in Ugandan orphanages and refugee camps.

As a creative arts producer, speaker and facilitator, Kinobe has given talks and workshops all over the world and worked extensively with schools and colleges conducting residences and outreach exchange programs, which in most cases lead to commemorative concerts with local students.

Through his Dance of Hope Foundation (www.danceofhope.com), Kinobe has dedicated his life to using his music and voice to bring love and joy to people, and help build a healthier, more peaceful world for children and families everywhere.

Southwind Social Club

The Southwind Social Club are an eclectic collective of musicians that combine traditional genres of music with contemporary rhythms and melodies to ignite social awareness and change in the world. A fusion band with a wide range of fused views

Forming in 2017, SWSC started the collective by playing out and welcoming different musicians to participate in the beauty of jamming. Members Kris Brewer and George Caceres were the pioneers of the movement to start the collective. In fall of 2017 SWSC performed at Arch street collective music hall for the locals of Greenwich, CT. Performing with many locals, that’s how Kris and George realized the amounts of musicians that are in Connecticut. So they formed The Southwind Social Club. Taking roots from past groups such as Funk Brothers, The JBs, Parliament, Buena Vista Social Club and more. In May of 2018 SWSC performs with Jahan Nostra at the Gramercy theatre for “Embrace The Rain” event. SWSC also headlines performance at ArtEast in Bridgeport,CT. Performing with one of the worlds strongest activists Iyaba Ibo Mandingo and also one of operas leading singers doc Tiffany Jackson aka Necessary Diva. In December of 2018 SWSC performs as a house band at the famous Ashford and Simpson, Sugar Bar, in NYC owned by legendary singers. Performing a wide range of music for a Christmas event. SWSC shared the stage with singers Jahan Nostra, Bryan Joon, TY Harrell, Ebony Moore and Niko

In May 18 SWSC performs at Bridgeport Haitian Festival.

SWSC has proven to the world that there are still musicians out there. Every show SWSC performs in, they bring out culture!

Representing true pride of their heritages while uniting and awakening the world through music!!


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