Chris Grunwald & The Slow Response

Chris Grunwald & The Slow Response

Chris Grunwald is a maverick in the Philadelphia music community. Loosely described as an Americana-Folk Artist, his work defies an easy pigeonhole as it pushed the boundaries of comparable genres including reggae, rock, alternative, and country, while still maintaining his unique, signature sound.

“You might call it the mark of a good songwriter – every song is different, but they somehow all sound like they were written by the same person. In this case, the person is Chris Grunwald.” – John Vettese, WXPN

The Jayplayers

Our first rehearsals were in a local park; something of singing outside, in summertime, for no one in particular, that speaks to the natural ease of our collective relationship with music” – remarks The Jayplayers, of their formation in 2013 in central Pennsylvania. Their songwriting is unassumingly authentic, derived from a shared, somewhat unconscious viewpoint. It seems their process was one in the same – to not really have a process; to write without intention, merely recording song ideas as they overcame their minds. “Our songs are most simply commenting on the human condition; words and music in harmony, made to strike a chord in the hearts of many.”
This Americana act, based around the songwriting of Keeley McCue and Chris Weidensaul, has developed from an acoustic duo into a full electric band set up as well. The inclusion of bassist Michael Broda and drummer Tyler Kollinok into the fold, has resulted in their debut LP Glitter & Wine (2016) and new EP, The Jayplayers: Little Bit Country. This sophomore project, recorded in the renowned MilkBoy Studios in Philadelphia, was released worldwide in February 2018 across all digital platforms (iTunes, Spotify etc.).
Over the past five years, not only has their collection of songs grown into multiple records, but they have also gained great notoriety for their hundreds of live performances. With the recent addition of a new bassist Zach Washko, they debuted at such nationally recognized festivals as the Philadelphia Folk Festival and MusikFest to much acclaim. With their highly anticipated EP and expanded band format, you will surely be hearing even more from The Jayplayers – so stay tuned!

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