The Woolly Bushmen

The Woolly Bushmen

Orlando's crazed children of Question Mark and Buddy Holly return to our fair city! Making a pit stop on their U.S. tour of their new LP, "The Woolly Bushmen In Shambles" (on Pig Baby Records)!

Formed in early 2011 and based out of Winter Park, Florida, The Woolly Bushmen have managed to combine 1960s rock'n' roll with 1950's rockabilly and a dash of soul, forming their own unique genre of all original crowd-rocking songs. These young musicians (all college age) have captured the respect and admiration of seasoned musicians, some icons in their own right, that are twice their age while grabbing every audience by the scruff of their necks and whipping them into a dance frenzy. Teenagers, middle-agers, old-agers, male, female, black, white, green, purple, The Woolly Bushmen tend to appeal to everyone without compromising their style and musical integrity...mass appeal without losing cult appeal...they do their thing and it works! Audience comments run from, "...where did this band come from!?", " did we not know about them before!?", "...These guys have IT!", and very often, "the best band I've seen!".

The Elevator Operators

Going Up! The Elevator Operators have the button of the lift pushed to the 1960s rock'n'roll floor.

Benny Trokan & The Bell Guarde

Somehow between playing bass with Reigning Sound, Lee Fields, and The Jay Vons, Wick Recording artist Benny Trokan finds time to craft three minute soulful confections! He thrilled the crowd at Hank's in March and he returns with the smooth soulful jangle.


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