Ninth Moon Black & This Patch of Sky

We play music without words to communicate without language.

This Patch Of Sky is an instrumental post-rock band from Eugene, OR. Their music is a gentle, spellbinding tapestry of sounds and emotions. From the quiet hope of 'Lyssna' to the weather-beaten contemplation of 'Time Destroys Everything, But Our Foundation Remains', they have crafted a style that fuses blissful ambient synthesis with raw, organic embellishments played by strings, guitars and percussion. A true pleasure to listen in leisure and a powerfully sincere and atmospheric option for filmmakers.

"Rare is the band that improves with every release, but this Oregon septet has done it again. This self-titled album – the band’s fourth – is its best yet, representing another leap forward. To those unfamiliar with the band: it’s time to start noticing." - A Closer Listen

"This Patch Of Sky is more than a collection of eight songs: it’s an experience that will let you explore the most beautiful sonic landscapes." - Echoes and Dust

With their fourth release in as many years, TPOS have transformed from an eccentrically aggressive style of post-rock that attempted to lure in listeners with catchy hooks and flashy guitar work to what is now one of the most complete and full sounding post-rock bands in the world." - Postrockstar

"We can guess these guys in This Patch of Sky all read huge leather bound books and shit, and they all rock well-worn denim and perfectly complementary colors and patterns of plaid, but after spending hours upon hours with this album, I'd like to think their decision making abilities as it pertains to song construction is their most impressive collective trait." - SYFFAL

"TPOS appears to have learned patience, letting each build rise in tension, allowing it to grow slowly and organically, letting the feelings come when they’re ready rather than applying an almost punk rock impatience to the the formula, as so many young instrumental bands do." - Exiled In Eugene

Ninth Moon Black

Post-Rock band from Eugene, Oregon, USA. Found in 2005.

"Ninth Moon Black is an instrumental band from the Pacific Northwest, conjuring musical influences from the realms of psychedelic, ambient and post metal. Aware that instrumental music is not for everyone, Ninth Moon Black strives to write pieces which challenge that boundary, keeping listeners involved with intricate melodic passages, emotionally driven progressions and cohesive yet uniquely structured songs.

Writing and performing music that is very cinematic in nature, Ninth Moon Black aims to create an experience for the listener, often showing self produced experimental films, or providing an epic soundscape for visual odysseys such as Begotten, Decasia and Man With A Movie Camera.

Since the release of their 2008 self titled debut, NMB has shared the stage with bands such as Middian, Melt Banana, Indian, Earth, Atriarch, Brothers of the Sonic Cloth, Dead Meadow and Ludicra. In 2009, they provided West Coast tour support for Wolves In The Throne Room and Minsk."




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