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MOOD ROBOT is a synth-wave duo based in Brooklyn, comprised of brothers Alex and Ben Kaz.

Introducing themselves to the world via a series of glossy synth jams in 2016, their EP "The Story We Tell Ourselves" charted #4 and #8 on Spotify's USA and Global viral charts, and received +1M spotify plays and +150K soundcloud plays in its first few weeks. They soon performed to sold-out shows at The Bowery Electric and with Sofar Sounds in New York City. Their music continued to gain traction on Reddit and HypeMachine, and received radio airplay across indie stations in the US/Canada.

With early comparisons to Phantogram, Great Good Fine OK and Chvrches rolling in, plus a heap of organic online buzz, these upstarts have a debut full-length album in their sights. Releasing this June, "We Could Have Loved Our Innocence" explores bolder and more experimental territory, ranging from psychedelic synth walls to buzzy retro breakdowns.

Born in the USA to Indian parents, ShiShi was raised on three different continents before finally settling in New York and beginning his music career in his mid 20's. His music reflects his global citizenship, blending sounds and influences from all corners of the globe and particularly showcasing the rich musical heritage of his motherland.
He grew up listening to the music of his mother, a classical Indian singer, and played the violin and guitar until college, when he began experimenting more with making his own beats with programs like Reason and Ableton Live. 5 years later, he made his first splash into the dance music community in the fall of 2017 with his record "Aarti," which was released alongside the international charity Pratham USA in a social media campaign that raised money to fund educational programs for underprivileged children in India. The song has now amassed over 3 million streams worldwide. In 2018, his remix of VALNTN's "Moan" reached #3 on the Hype Machine popular charts and his single "Give Me Love" garnered the support of Diplo and Major Lazer.

Formed in January 2018, BWQ is a four-piece band based out of Hudson County, NJ. Combining thoughtful, introspective songwriting with high-energy performances, the band has been quietly making waves in the local music community and beyond. EP1, “Crack Up,” is set to release July 26th of 2019.

Formed in January 2018, BWQ -- formerly Project BWQ -- is a four-piece band based out of Hudson County, NJ, featuring Darryl Joo (Composition, Guitar, Vox), Max Feinstein (Guitar, Vox), Jack Breslin (Bass, Vox), and John Roccesano (Drums, Vox, Engineering).

Combining thoughtful, introspective songwriting with high-energy performances, the band has been quietly making waves in the local music community and beyond.

The band met during the recording of singer-songwriter Darryl Joo’s debut album, “American Ghost” (released May 2018 under Project BWQ), a collaborative concept album featuring a wide cast of musicians from the Hudson County region and a self-admittedly ambitious spread of genre and sound.

The band continued their rise in their local scene through the end of 2017 and into 2018 with performances at Maxwell’s in Hoboken, Rockwood Music Hall, and White Eagle Hall in Jersey City.

Following the release of “American Ghost,” the band took two tours into the American South. This culminated in the recording of “Crack Up” (EP1) over four days with the Academy at Blackbird Studio in Nashville in December, 2018.

Having found a more focused, cohesive sound, they formalized the band as BWQ upon their return.

2019 has seen them back in their stomping grounds around Hoboken and Jersey City, polishing their new album and gearing up for another ambitious year of creative releases.

EP1, “Crack Up,” is set to release July 26th of 2019."

Brooklyn based bedroom indie-pop

"Lye Marlow is a passion project for songwriter/producer Clare Moses. Clare is a classically trained cellist, and jazz-influenced vocalist, who, since finishing school at NYU’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music in Tisch, has found her niche producing unapologetically genre-bending, industrial Synth pop under the name Lye Marlow.

The name Lye Marlow is inspired by the character Charlie Marlow from Joseph Conrad’s novel “Heart Of Darkness”, who tells a lie in order to preserve - or rather fabricate an important sense of honor and romance where it never existed. It represents fantasy as something that is both necessary and dangerous. Lye is also a deadly chemical that is used to make soap, and the mythology of the name speaks to that idea - that sometimes what appears to cleanse can also poison. Lye Marlow should provide a window into a world that is as unpredictable and threatening as it is intriguing. There is a reckless freedom in her expression, but also a sober thoughtfulness - with a youthful irreverence and an affinity for grit, she is intrigued by the grotesque and the ugly, but is excited by the prospect of finding obscure beauty in both.

Lye Marlow’s lush and delicate vocals, interrupted by screaming synths and choked percussion create a soundscape that is both agitated and sensual. The music treads the line between being dreamy and demented, borderline abrasive even, but not alienating. The lyrics are reflective and emotionally potent, with sing-able melodies that weave playfully in and out of the complicated tracks. Lye Marlow will draw you in with a whisper, and then surprise you with a scream - it’s gritty pop music that dismisses convention almost entirely, and it’s really exciting.

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