Late Show: Robby Hart, Johnny Darlin, Berklee Night NYC: Adja Stina Turek, Mirella Costa, Eddy Marshall, Sarah Eide

Late Show: Robby Hart

“It’s all about the fame. Sniff it, smack it, inject that poison straight into your brain. Once you get a taste of it, it will make you go insane”

As the corporate pop music monarchy perches themselves amongst the masses, Robby Hart is ready to serve as your court jester. Panning the camera slightly left of center. Narrating from the sidelines.

Sit back and relax, as this audio guide takes you through the tales of what lies beneath the surface. Saturated self obsession, conjured creations, driving from the deepest desperation. Seeking synthetic validation from every click and double tap all while giving us the infectious melodies and booty shakin beats we love to bop with.

Johnny Darlin is the alter-ego of Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter and pop musician Michael Doshier. Growing up queer in the conservative suburbs of Arkansas, Michael took refuge in expressing his feelings through his writing, voice, and piano. He moved to New York at eighteen with a handful of songs, and immediately started ironing out solo material which would eventually form the foundation of Johnny Darlin.

Berklee Night NYC: Adja Stina Turek

Ajda Stina Turek was born in 1994 in Slovenia. After coming to Berklee in the Fall 2014, Ajda’s main goal was to present herself to the Boston’s audience. Every semester she hosted a recital, which each time presented a different side of her.

She has been collaborating with many different artists for their recording projects and was also chosen to sing on Maggie Scott Jazz Series for three times. Ajda is very honored for being the only singer receiving the “Outstanding Jazz Vocalist Award” at Berklee College of Music in 2017, the award for "Best Jazz EP" of October 2018 from Akademia Music Awards, and to become a graduate from Performance, at Berklee College of Music, in August 2018, with the highest destinction Summa Cum Laude.

Mirella Costa

Eddy Marshall

Sarah Eide


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