Taj Weekes & Adowa


Taj Weekes is a dreadlocked Rastafarian musician, bred in the Caribbean but shaped by intercontinental life experience. He is a creative, poetic singer-songwriter who fronts a dynamic reggae band named Adowa. He is also an unwavering, energetic humanitarian whose dedication extends beyond his song lyrics into his social activism, an activism that has culminated in his official role with the United Nations as "UNICEF Champion for Children" and his children's charity, They Often Cry Outreach (TOCO). A formidable idealist, Taj Weekes maintains an unblinking and sophisticated view of the world - seeing what is and seeking what should be clearly powers his social activism. It imbues his songs with a pragmatic, non-judgmental optimism that is unique. What makes Taj Weekes special can be summarized in three words: MUSICIAN. POET. HUMANITARIAN.


Adowa is a disciplined team of talented musicians from differing cultures and with broad musical influences that backs Taj Weekes live and on recordings. The name salutes the battle of Adowa in 1896, which ensured sovereignty for Ethiopia and proved crucial in the advancement of African independence and pride. The eclectic styles and tastes of its members ensure a freshness and inventiveness to Adowa’s arrangements. The faces may change, but the excellent musicianship, and the vibe, remain.

Ras Khalifa was born in a small village in the mountains of Jamaica, West Indies in 1958. Working on his grandfathers banana plantation as a small boy, he embraced the Rastafarian culture at an early age and was strongly influenced by the philophies of Marcus Garvey. From a young age Ras Khalifa started to craft his style as he gained influence from artist such as Bob Marley, U Roy, John Holt, Gregory Isaacs, and Dennis Brown.

Ras moved with his family to London, England where his career began to flourish. At the age of 17 he began to perform at nightclubs throughout the United Kingdom. His musical stylings were closely indentfied with those of Bob Marley and, as a result, in 1987 he was drafted into the theater production company Flipside Productions and opened “Black Heroes in the Hall of Fame” a musical featuring black historical figures. Ras Khalifa performed in the role of Bob Marley in “Black Heroes

Since his time in the UK he has released Taste my Love. Life In Zion, Crusin for a Brusin, and the live album Knowledge, a tribute album to Bob Marley.

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