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Linda From Work

Linda From Work, railing against the 9-to-5 lifestyle, exploded onto the Seattle indie rock scene in the summer of 2018. Led by Hillary Tusick on vocals and guitar, this group has crafted an intense and melodic sound built from garage, surf, and indie influences. Joined by Sam Nowak on drums and Mary Robins on bass, Linda From Work has been known to perform songs that enthrall audiences with their powerful yet intimate vocals and energetic instrumentals. Their debut EP Two Weeks Notice, produced by Grammy award-winning, local rock legend Jack Endino, evokes the feeling of finally letting go and sharing secrets over a bottle of whiskey at 4am.

Art rock\alternative rock band from Everett, WA.

Beatrix Sky is the solo project of one Meggie Hauth, an Olympia resident whom has been releasing music under this label for a couple of years now. While her output in this project started out as indie folk-tinged singer-songwriter pieces, over time the project's material escalated into ominous, effects-heavy synthpop that also takes stylistic cues from dream pop, experimental electronic, as well as that "witch house" style that was popular a few years back. It's easy to think of Beatrix Sky as an impressive stylistic mix of Grimes and Fever Ray. If you consider (III) to be Crystal Castles' best release, chances are you'll find a lot to like about this project's music as well.

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