Chhoti Maa

Chhoti Maa was born in Guanajuato, Mexico and is currently based in Oakland, California. Chhoti Maa is a multidisciplinary cultural producer. She has self-released 6 projects (2 studio albums, 4 eps) in her 12 years as a MC, singer & producer. Her music is rooted in hip hop, neufolk and Mexican oral tradition, specifically her Grandma's storytelling magic. As part of the post-NAFTA diaspora, Chhoti Maa was formed by her migrant experience. Since 2007, Chhoti has performed, collaborated and taught in Puerto Rico, China, US, Cuba, Spain, Qatar, U.A.E., Ghana, Sweden, Canada, Peru, Mexico and multiple Indigenous nations. Their music deals with decolonial living, red medicine, queerness, migrant empowerment, love and the reconstruction of the womyn temple.

Mother & The Boards

Mother & the Boards is a fierce and unique blend musical genres with a message to incite and inspire you. Defined by the vocal gymnastics and songwriting prowess of front woman Kazoo Studios, their sound is reminiscent of hip hop artists like Erykah Badu and Brother Ali, from the lips of a New York State folk singer. Imagine the musical birth child of Bob Dylan, M.I.A., Nina Simone, and Fugazi belting revolutionary anthems for a contemporary audience. Mother & the Boards also features regular guests on percussion, bass, horns and strings. Based in Oakland, CA, you can find them performing in venues across the Bay Area.

Telepathic Children

Telepathic Children is a gay rave band from the basement floor to the main stage, they summon the infinite night.

$7.00 - $10.00

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