Ray Scott

“I worked my ass off on Music Row.
Tryin’ to get on the radio
Like Alan said, ‘those wheels turn slow’
And I had to tell ‘em all where to go
When they tried to make me a pop star
I got me a honky tonk heart”
Ray Scott, “Honky Tonk Heart”

Those words say it all.

With a distinctive southern voice as traditional as the signature black cowboy hat he wears, Ray Scott garnered attention from “The Row” in the days before modern condos took over historic houses. Warner Brothers released his debut album, My Kind of Music, to critical acclaim and a top 40 single in 2005. But typical music business politics combined with a deafening change in the country radio market did not work in Ray’s favor. Or did it?

What followed from the label split two years later was the birth of the digital format and a “Rayincarnation” of sorts. Never one to quit on his calling, his own self-awareness fully emerged, and a new busload of fans joined him for the ride. For those seeking more than girls, beer cans and moonlight by the lake, Ray’s heartfelt vocals and down to earth lyrics resonated. Independent releases Crazy Like Me (2008) and Rayality (2011) not only gave him a physical product on the road but garnered a high number of digital sales and support from Sirius XM. “Drinkin Beer” and “Ain’t Always Thirsty” received SiriusXM airplay. And so did one of his most well-known singles, “Those Jeans” from the Rayality album, produced by Dave Brainard (Jerrod Neimann, Brandy Clark).

Then came his 5th studio album in 2017—Guitar for Sale, produced by Michael Hughes.

“I appreciate that he's the most stubbornly genuine artist that I know - a guy who refuses to compromise or follow any other inspiration other than his own feelings and experiences. He doesn't give a damn about what anybody else is doing, he just wants to find and execute his vision, “says Michael.

So then, it’s no surprise that the two friends paired up again for Honky Tonk Heart, the new EP out March 1. With catchy electric and steel guitar licks from the get-go, you’re in for a boot steppin’, whiskey drinkin’, feel good time. But don’t mistake the two smoky bar tunes (Honky Tonk Heart, Trainwreck) for fluff pieces because Ray is anything but. If he sings it, it’s because he’s been thru it, he believes it, or he currently lives it (or sometimes all three). His rip roarin’ honesty is just as strong in the ballads as it is in the uptempos. Ray’s vulnerability resonates with the most heartbroken, yet hopeful of souls in “It Is What It Is” and “Leave this Town.” The EP comes full circle, ending on a sweet love note with “Thank You Baby.”

“’Honky Tonk Heart’—the song—is my life, and it’s an ode to all the troubadours like me runnin’ up and down the highways doin’ what we do for the love of real country music, ‘cause it’s what we bleed. My new Honky Tonk Heart EP is the first glimpse into a new era of creativity that kicked in just after the release of Guitar For Sale. I’ve been crankin’ out one new song after the other in the last couple of years. I can’t wait to lay ‘em on ya. There’s a lot more to come. To quote one of the new titles, I ain’t ‘Nowhere Near Done’. . . . see ya’ll out there soon!” ---Ray

Verses The Inevitable (Trio Set)

Verses The Inevitable is a brand new rock band out of Denver, Colorado, and features a blending of musical genres including rock, blues, americana, jazz, and funk. The band members include Daniel Hertel (Vocals/Guitar), Mad Dog Friedman (Harmonica), Jeremy Johnson (Bass), Gary Howard (Drums), Will Snyder (Keys), and Braden Rauen (Fiddle). The band's first studio album All Debts Paid is the Mile High Blues Societies Nominee for Best Self Produced Album of The Year and was sent to Memphis, Tennessee to compete in the category against albums from around the world. Verses The Inevitable is truly carving out its own genre, and is becoming a significant force in the Denver music scene.

Isabelle Stillman

I am a singer-songwriter out of Denver, Colorado. I sang and played guitar growing up, but only started writing my own music when I moved out to Colorado in 2017. Writing quickly became a passion - something that gave me comfort, joy, and a deeper sense of self. I joined a songwriter group, and through them was lucky enough to meet an amazing producer named Darren Skanson. With him, I've produced a handful of my songs to sound the way I heard them in my head when I wrote them on my living room couch. Three of them are out now, and the rest of the album will be soon. I'm so excited for you to hear them and to keep making music to share

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