Bad Krohma

A very hard three-piece rock band based in Washington, DC. Featuring gritty grooves, searing solos and booming basslines.

Bad Krohma is a concept. A revolt against musical mediocrity. A reaction to modern society. A burning desire to make a difference. A story of a struggle against the odds. A whirlpool of diverse musical influences.

Bad Krohma is all about the music. No bullshit. No compromises. No saccharine melodies. It will grip you, and not let go. It will set your pulse racing and leave you gasping for breath.

Bad Krohma speaks from the core of our beings to yours. We do not hide behind our music. In fact, our music brings to the surface the thoughts we all hide within. The music is our faces and minds. The music is who we are.

Bassist, vocalist Bandy has been brought up on Led Zeppelin and Pearl Jam, idolizing the genius of Vedder, Page, Jones, and Bonham. He stands around at jam sessions mouthing spontaneous lyrics and melodies, turning jams into song writing sessions (though in winter the lyrics are highly limited to the world being cold!). Lead guitarist Apro swears by Pink Floyd, Dream Theater and Opeth, and while he honed his chops listening to John Petrucci and Roger Gilmour, he cannot resist drifting into his own solos while covering their songs. (Fluent at playing leads by ear to any chord progression, the only thing Apro struggles with is the physics of his secret desire to be both the band’s lead guitarist and drummer!) Having played together for ten years we have created a musical style that incorporates intricate arrangements and variations in time signature coupled with aggressive lead guitar and bass work. Work proceeds on our upcoming album with tunes that exhibit our myriad influences.

It’s time for you to see us. It’s time for the show to begin. It’s time for our concept, Bad Krohma, to be your band!

Civic Duty

Civic Duty is a young band based in Washington, DC with a match lit under their asses. We have a variety of influences but we prefer 60's, 70's , and 90's rock and roll. Chief among their influences are Mac DeMarco, Nirvana, and the Beatles. However, Civic Duty tries to create something new when they are writing originals that anyone could enjoy.
In 2018, their close friend and frontman Raymond “Ray” McGavin (Right) tragically passed away after the release of their debut album "Funny Sad Songs". After almost a year and a half of recording, Ray, being the genius and mastermind behind "Funny Sad Songs", had narrowed down his large variety of originals to the 17 songs he felt were the strongest and most unique for the album. Although Ray will no longer be playing with Civic Duty, the remaining members know he would push them to continue recording music and playing whatever gigs they could get a hold of.
Started by Mike Mullally, Ray McGavin, Zeb Dempsey and Brendan Lamb, Civic Duty is pursuing their dream to bring a sound to rock and roll that has never been heard before. It is their civic duty to do so.

Jumbo Lump Disco


$12.00 - $15.00


Advance $12/ Day of Show $15+fees

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