West Coast Blues Caravan of Allstars

West Coast Blues Caravan of AllStars

The West Coast Blues Caravan Of All Stars Review, Featuring Fillmore Slim ,Willie G., Philadelphia Chuck Wallace, Guitar Mac, Skip Hudson, Jock Shock and Shock Treatment, The Oakland Blues Divas ,Sweet Meet Horn Section, Joe Walton , Reverend Pine Top Coon, Ray Star, Jesse Brown and more,,,,,,,,,

The West Coast Blues Caravan of All Stars, Was created so that the Un- Song Hearos of the Blues can be seen before they pass on .

This Group of well season Musicians and Singer’s have perform with all the Legends of BLUES and R&B From BB KING to the
GRATEFUL DEAD, If you want to see how they put on a show
like they did in the 1950’s, when you had to out do the band
before you, then come see The Caravan of AllStars. It’s a must
See show.


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