Simulcast / Okudaxij / Rosie Tucker / Sonoda

Simulcast is a multimedia art project driven by Los Angeles tenant Tristan Friedberg Rodman. Focused by grief, climate change, and critical histories of their city, Simulcast's work cuts from net art, creative nonfiction, and indie rock. It sprawls, fractured and interconnected, like Los Angeles itself.

Okudaxij is a band centered around short songs that express pointed emotions experienced by singer-songwriter Eric Radloff in his generally stable, domestic life.

Rosie Tucker’s songs are worlds unto themselves. They start in conversation with an immediate environment: small, detailed, characters and landscapes drawn vividly, with life and wit. Only as they progress do they reveal bigger themes. Tucker released their label debut, Never Not Never Not Never Not, in march of 2019 with New Professor Music.

The Los Angeles-based ensemble Sonoda (suh-NO-duh) is the full band realization of Lisa Sonoda’s bedroom project. Lisa’s first solo release, Clearing (Never Anything Records, 2017), is a densely layered set of 18 songs — taking form amidst fluttering synthesizer textures and reverberant orchestration. The current live band expands on these songs with 4-6 members each shaping the blooming melodies and stereophonic wash that define the meditative pop by Sonoda. The latest release Karaoke Life (Never Content, 2018) is a live full-length album recorded to 2" tape.



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