The Raconteurs

The Raconteurs – Jack White, Brendan Benson, Jack Lawrence & Patrick Keeler – are back with the release of their first new music in more than 10 years. The two new songs released by Third Man Records, “Now That You’re Gone” featuring Brendan Benson on lead vocals and “Sunday Driver” with Jack White singing lead, are available digitally worldwide today. This release coincides with the delivery of the only physical version of the tracks available on 7” vinyl as part of Third Man’s Vault Package #38 celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the bands’ acclaimed second album, CONSOLERS OF THE LONELY.

Unique companion videos accompany both tracks and, in true Raconteurs fashion, were shot only one week ago and are available for your enjoyment now. “Sunday Driver” was directed by Steven Sebring – acclaimed photographer, filmmaker, inventor, and vanguard in artistic 3D imaging – and captured at the Sebring Revolution Media Lab in New York City. The video for “Now That You’re Gone” was directed by Dikayl Rimmasch (Beyoncé, Jay Z, Blondie) and features renowned burlesque performer Gia Genevieve. “The [“Now That You’re Gone”] video is a very rock and roll approach to the wide range of emotions a person goes through when dealing with a broken heart. Feelings of being weak, angry, vengeful and ultimately the strength to overcome and ‘crash’ through it all,” says Genevieve. “I had such a lovely time collaborating with such wonderful artists and people.”

The Casualties of Jazz

The Casualties of Jazz originated on the west coast while working with other touring and recording acts.

The story goes .... In 1998 Drummer Jimmy Paxson was on the road with guitarist Ronnie Montrose. During that tour at sound check at the now defunct Palookaville club in Santa Cruz , Ca. a random conversation with a stranger named Brian Crumrine (who was the drummer from the opening band band that night) led to the suggestion that Jimmy should check out his friend bassist Chris Golden . Later when they met, Chris Golden suggested his friend Matt Rohde join them and the trio was born.

The trio's name was at the accidental suggestion of bassist Chris Golden during their two-year stint playing jazz every Monday night at a local bar in Burbank ca. After 2 years of Mondays the trio decided their residency had taken it's toll on them and an open minded hiatus ensued. A later date in time found the coj rhythm section Chris Golden and Jimmy Paxson performing on Rod Stewarts Great American Songbook Vol. II where they met J.J. Blair, who was engineering the session.

In the midst of that recording an "in between takes" tounge-in-cheek bass and drums moment of "sweet leaf" caught the ears of J.J. Blair who thank god pressed record and so be it the concept for "Kind of Black" was realized. The third member of their trio, Matt Rohde, was recruited to play Hammond organ for the project and once again the Casualties of Jazz were back together , re-emerged , re-defined and have continued ever since.


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