The Neverly Boys, Fever Girl + Bunny Lowe

The Neverly Boys

Fever Girl

Ian Dewane and Kittie Guerra met in Fall 2015 at Sonic Ranch in Kittie’s hometown of El Paso, TX, where they were working on separate projects (Rusty Maples/TV on the Radio). They reconnected when Ian moved to LA from Las Vegas two years later. Their production and writing skills finally blended when Kittie had time off work due to multiple fevers in 2017. Ian made her beats and soup while she wrote from bed. Singing about the pitfalls of addiction and past relationships, Fever Girl was born.

Bunny Lowe

There is no mincing of words in the land of Bunny Lowe. Sometimes there's too many, laden with detail you'd leave out if you'd like to strike the silhouette of a protagonist. But in Los Angeles nothing is black and white, and Bunny Lowe isn't always the protagonist in her work. With songs that outline the experiences of a city-dwelling ingenue hardened into something more formidable, Bunny walks you through each corner apartment of her life vividly enough to see it all play out for yourself.



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