Mackenzie James Cregan, Mason Summit, Irene Greene

Mackenzie James Cregan

Mackenzie James Cregan is a Liverpool based singer/songwriter/musician from Los Angeles, CA. With influences in 60's Rock & Psych, Mackenzie combines the songwriting style of Bob Dylan, Neil Young, with the grit of Dan Aurbach & Alabama Shakes. Keeping his roots in tact, Mackenzie puts a modern spin on his music, giving him a unique sound that includes catchy Pop choruses and Psychedelic sections.

Mason Summit

Mason Summit is a 22-year-old singer, songwriter, guitarist and producer born & raised in Santa Monica, California. Mason began writing at an early age, and has developed a sound blending an eclectic group of influences such as Elliott Smith, The Beach Boys, Wilco & Elvis Costello. Since age 13, Mason has played around Los Angeles at legendary venues including The House of Blues, Hotel Café, Molly Malone’s, Genghis Cohen & more. He can also be seen playing guitar for local favorites Jaw Talk, Irene Greene, & Sophia Knapp, among others.

Mason has produced four albums of original material, Absentee (2012), Loud Music & Soft Drinks (2014), Gunpowder Tracks (2016), and last year’s Summer Cold, to growing acclaim and recognition. Revered Americana authority No Depression describes him as a “pop prodigy,” while Parcbench names him “one of the most exciting songwriters out there.” Summer Cold has garnered praise from indie tastemakers such as Indie Buddie, Moxipop, Threat of Joy, Aupium & more. In addition to his solo work, Mason has produced releases by Jensen McRae and Irene Greene. Mason currently attends the USC Thornton School of Music. His latest single, “Thoughts & Prayers” was released on November 6th.

Irene Greene

Irene Greene is a singer-songwriter hailing from Philadelphia, PA. Raised on greats like Joni Mitchell, Kate Bush and David Bowie, Irene uses a vintage foundation mixed with modern influences from indie, electronic and modern R&B to create a unique musical cocktail. Vastly interested in dystopian novels, and poetry by sad women, Irene uses her dark, metaphorically dense music to tell humanistic stories about love, agony, and female fueled courage. No animals were harmed in the making of this singer.



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